Spring Porch Swing

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Spring Porch Swing SQI’m actually sitting on our Spring Porch Swing on this crisp Sunday morning writing this post to share with you.

Come join me!

Spring Porch Swing-2This light quilt may come in handy if it doesn’t warm up soon.

Spring Porch Swing-11I love the soft clanking of the chains.

Spring Porch Swing-9I made ice tea…might have to switch to hot tea.

Spring Porch Swing-6The pillows were made a few years ago.  I used vintage styled fabrics and a collection of buttons to close the pillow covers.

Spring Porch Swing-5We can add a little candle light in the lantern if we want to stay till dark.

Spring Porch Swing-8We haven’t bought spring plants yet, so for a little green I stuck moss covered foam into a pot.

Actually since I have a brown thumb…

the moss might stay!

Spring Porch Swing-10I have a notebook to jot down decorating ideas from our favorite magazines.

Spring Porch Swing-7An old shutter behind the spring porch swing keeps the morning sun out of our eyes.

Spring Porch SwingNeed an extra pillow?

Spring Porch Swing FPWe hung this porch swing on the front porch before we finished unpacking when we moved into the cabin.  In the spring and fall it’s my favorite place.

I’ve had plenty of naps right here on our Spring Porch Swing.


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  1. Oh lovely! It looks so inviting! I can see why it would be a favorite spot to hang out. hmmm, I bet it’s the perfect nap spot. I think I’m jealous. 🙂


  2. I love the pillows looks inviting. The shutters are a great addition.

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