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Spring is on its way…I promise!

So I made a spring flower banner for the front door…

and deconstructed some dollar store flower too!

This is a fun project for the kiddos to help with.  Especially boys!  Yep, a flower project for the boys.

Because it’s like pulling off the heads of Barbie dolls!!!

Grab your bunch of silk flowers {even the ugly ones}


I purchased an arm full of silk flowers from our local dollar type store.  That would be 16 bunches.  I also pulled out a few silks I had in a basket.  About two more bunches.

Tear the flowers apart


Then I deconstructed them.  Pulling the heads off, tossing the stems and removing the leaves.  I made separate piles.  Silk flowers are usually held together with strange plastic pieces.  At the bottom and center of each flower.

At this point, I was thinking about using those strange plastic pieces and leaves but changed my mind.  Those strange plastic pieces reminded me of things found on the bottom of the sea!

There were even eggs in the bunches!

I didn’t know eggs grew in flower bunches!

Start gluing the larger flowers


We have a marble countertop.  Lousy for kitchen countertops…

but awesome for hot glue gunning!  The glue pops right off.

I laid out the larger flowers first and glue them in spots.  Each flower was glued in at least 3 spots.  Next, I glued the medium flowers.  Then glued small flowers to fill in and hide the flower holes.  Holes where the strange plastic pieces held them together.

The key is to not over think it.  Just glue the flowers together.

To hang I hot glue the top flowers to a piece of twine.  The ribbon would have been a good idea too!  At this point I simply wanted loads of flowers to show.  Twine was easy to hide.

Deconstructed flower spring banner. Easy DIY project and fun for the kids to help. Country Design Style

 Voila!  Flower Banner

I first hung this on shutters upstairs.


Then as a skirt!  Heh, heh!

Deconstructed flower spring banner. Easy diy project and fun for the kids to help. County Design Style

Then over our front door.  I removed the dollar store snowflake banner to hang this flower banner.  It held up all winter!


We are loving the pop of colors from the street.


I thought I would run out of glue sticks.  I only had four left.  But I only used less than 2.

A blow dryer removed the ton of glue strings and no burnt fingers!!!

You can read more hot glue gun tips by clicking here.

And no Barbies were harmed!

Let me know your thoughts on this flower banner.

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  1. what a fantastic idea for all of the old artificial flowers I’ve collected from yard sales lol. would look super draped over an old bucket 😉 Thanks for sharing

  2. Ginger Ingram says:

    This is such a cute idea! I think it would work well in creams and whites for wedding décor.
    Love the twine.

  3. I LOVE this project! Such a pop of color to welcome people to your home. Must do for my front door. 🙂

    1. Kathleen, thank you so much! It’s a project that makes you smile even when making it! Glad you stopped by. Jeanette

  4. chris aka monkey says:

    i think it is as cute as all get out….thought it made a cute skirt for a go-go dancer too lol xx

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