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Why on earth did I buy that coffee table?

And why can’t I ever find my keys or the remote? 

It felt like me too. And somedays it still does. But I care about the most days—those most days when my home is the happiest place on earth.

I enjoy helping others turn their homes into their happy place. 

We all crave learning, and we learn in different ways. 

Some learn by watching others, some by listening, and a few learn by reading. 

What if you had a way to pick your best way to master a new technique? A system to use at your own pace and when it’s convenient. 

Our Creativity Grows When Women Gather, an online membership. 

If you want to learn and “find the DIY in You” this is the right place.

The goal of this website and our online courses is to share DIY projects, decorating ideas and build a community of DIYers.  My passion is designing and building DIY projects and I love teaching others.

Find the DIY in you is a collection of ways to teach and learn online. 

The “working” list of online classes planned:

  • How to paint furniture like a pro
  • Use what you have decorating
  • Create and Chats
  • Decluttering
  • Women Who Woodwork
  • Zoom my Room
  • Selling Crafts
  • DIY Kit Box

Blog Projects include:

  • Woodworking – how-to tips, project plans, step by step ideas. Plus women who woodwork series and my workshop series
  • Painting furniture – painting tips, techniques using different types of paint and aging methods
  • Knock off projects {inspired by} – projects inspired by favorite home stores and catalogs
  • Thrifty decorating – Decorating using thrift store and yard sale finds
  • Repurposing – Step by step how-tos on repurposing & remaking objects into useful items
  • Seasonal and holiday decorating – Unique and easy ideas
  • Home and room tours – Home and room tours of our home and others
  • Easy sellable projects – I spent 5 years designing, building and selling home decor items. Then sold them to local shops on the central coast of California. A new category here at CDS is step by step instructions on items that sold well. I have a large binder full of design plans I developed.

I do this with a comical spirit as I share the successes and those things that don’t work out! 

This is not just a pretty pictures site.  

As well, l share a few family recipes, organizational and cleaning tips. {because I need help in those areas too!}

So, let’s connect and do this! Put on your work boots and we will make some sawdust.

Still interested in more about me…

Click here, but be prepared to be bored.

Thank you for visiting. I look forward to connecting with you.

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