This Is Simple Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Mantel

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Waiting impatiently for spring and the weather is still nippy.  I dreaming up spring decorating ideas to share.  Come build spring on the mantel with me. 

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-maina | Country Design Style |
The garden hose is under a pile of leaves. The porch has an inch of dust, spider webs and whatever that sticky stuff is that collects over winter.  The slightest peek of spring is all I need.
A spot that shows a promise of spring. I want that now!
Until spring arrives, I’ll fake it with spring decorating ideas for our mantel.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-1 | Country Design Style |
Between projects, our mantel goes from a tangled group of DIY projects to bare bones with an empty feeling.  
Anytime I’m redecorating the first thing I do is remove what’s there. I cleared the mantel AND even dusted. Almost wiped away too much of the chalkboard fire!

My go-to decorating tip for mantels and shelves

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Decorate the center of the mantel

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-2a | Country Design Style |
First tip:  Add a large piece in the center.  We’re going to make a rough triangle shape over the mantel.
Back goes the chalkboard. But I added the word “SPRING!” An additional tip for fast lettering, Break a piece of chalk the thickness you would like your font to be. Lay the chalk on the board. Start writing keeping the piece of chalk at the same angle. You’ve created a calligraphy font! To add a bit more to the font I like to outline the edges.
Notice I didn’t care that the lettering is taller at the end. My other fast lettering tip…grab a ruler! Oh, well.
Spring-Decorating-Ideas-3a | Country Design Style |
Second tip:  Add something long and short underneath.
The pig trough is making another appearance. The flowers have died and all that’s left is babies breath. I rearranged the “breath” to pop out across the trough. Then cleaned up the mess.
If The pig trough is making another appearance. there wouldn’t have been a mess to clean.
Spring-Decorating-Ideas-4a | Country Design Style |
Since I’m extending spring by trying to get it to start early, I extended the display. Shims make this rustic picket fence.  Hot glue holds the shims fast.
Dry brushing with creamy white chalk-based paint makes paint and dry times fast.

Decorating the sides of the mantel

Spring-Decorating-Ideas-5a | Country Design Style |
Third tip:  Add something of medium height to the sides The picket fence is light in color. I scanned the room for anything about the same color. The “E!” I made this before Emily came to live with us. I love it more now.
Spring-Decorating-Ideas-6a | Country Design Style |
For the other side…I paced the house. Then paced again. I wanted something green. Then I spotted it with my little eye, something green…
and dusty!!
My fastest tip for cleaning faux greens and flowers…
Fill the sink with lukewarm water and a few drops of dish soap. Swish in the water and let dry.
I was in a hurry and dried my topiary with a towel first then a blow dryer. You can’t see the drips of water…right! :/
Spring-Decorating-Ideas-7a | Country Design Style |

Fourth tip:  Add something personal or special.  I did both!  I’m a fanatic for spindles.  The black spindle on the right is one of my favorites.  On the left, the addition of spring printable in a rustic frame finishes the display.

A brief recap and my funky drawing

Spring Decorating Ideas Drawing | Country Design Style |

Start with a large center element.  Next, add filler along the bottom.  Then place side elements with various heights.  Adding something personal can make you smile every time you walk past. 🙂

Spring Decorating Ideas Drawing overlay | Country Design Style |

Here’s my rough triangle.  One more important thing.  Any and all decorating rules are made to be broken.  If you like it…it works!

Spring Decorating Ideas Printable for mantel IMAGE | Country Design Style |

My final spring decorating ideas are to grab your own free printable and frame it.

I’m heading out to peek under the leaves for the hose.

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