Floral Inspiration Board


Floral Inspiration Board
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I’m thrilled to have been asked to design a floral inspiration board displaying my personal style by Proflowers.  This was an abundance of fun!

Floral Collection

I relaxed with a cup of tea the perused the web for lovely images that inspired me.  There were certain types of flowers that I knew had to make the floral inspiration board.  Those I gathered first in soft muted colors.  Displays with rustic and handmade containers had to be on the board along with country design style.

PP_12_000000GAR505_PC2075_W1_SQ1.  Can you tell I love creamy whites and soft greens?  This vintage-inspired box filled the growing florals is perfect.

PP_12_000000WRT460_W1_SQ2. Lavender fields.  Living for 5 incredible years on the central coast of California brought lavender into my life.  Not only the lavender fields around the central coast but my favorite vintage shop was called Lavender.

PP_12_00000PLA1514_PC2040_W2_SQ3.  I love having a Rosemary plant that I can cook with and it smells amazing!

f53651e4dd56dc52027c9c6245533e684.  My favorite place on earth, my grandparent’s farm, had three large lilac bushes planted in a triangle.  The center of those bushes had the best red dirt to make mud pies.  The smell in the spring was almost overpowering…almost!

6116179f8aedce657916c3983caae1b75.  I love things that are not perfect.  A bit tattered and torn, rusty, or worn.  Peonies have a look of being tattered and torn.  They are large and imperfect.


IMG_26526.  Simple greens in a vintage pitcher add to the farmhouse style in this photo.  I love all the elements in this photo.  The beadboard, aprons, the grey color of the old piece of board, the way the board is simply screwed on the wall, the rust on the large hooks, and that cow picture!  I can imagine the rest of the farmhouse just from this one photo.  I could live here.

IMG_5705 copy7. Soft green hydrangeas clustered together in an old wire rack.  Simple and a quick centerpiece.  I miss growing hydrangeas.  Here the elk would eat them.

il_570xN.1690460128.  Patina flowers.  This is a bit little very strange, but I love flowers most when they get a little patina.  Patina is the natural aging of a surface.  Like the green aging on copper or worn paint on an old dresser.  I keep flowers around longer than most people.  I love the drooping of tulips, the curling of the edges of roses and the fading color on daisies.

Rustic and Vintage

DSC_37779.  Vintage items and handmade containers.  Perfect for inside or outdoors.  One simple plant or flower is easy to dress up with junk.

Dinning room10.  My favorite arrangements are extra large or very small.  Either make a statement.

52a6910df2e7e$!400x11.  Boutonnieres flowers served up on a tarnished silver tray.  Perfectly imperfect.

il_570xN.413468467_r8x712.  Natural elements contain a simple arrangement.

Color Palette

Floral Color PaletteFloral Inspiration Board Color Palette

 What is your personal style?  How do you pick flowers to fit in with your personal style?

For most inspiration, sit back with a cup of tea and check out these ideas by Proflowers.

Disclaimer:  I have not received any compensation, products or discounts from Proflowers or anyone regarding this post.  The images featured were picked by me to show my personal inspiration and are 100% my own choice.

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