Metal Flower Chalkboards

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How many times have you grabbed something in a thrift store not knowing what you’re going to do with it, or exactly what it is?  Me too!

metal flowers #metalflowers

I went thrift shopping and while walking down an aisle my eye spotted tangled up metal twisty wire with some colorful metal flowers.


My heart raced while walking down the aisle afraid someone else would get to the tangled metal first.  Have you ever done that??

Whew!  Grabbing them up, I ran to the cash register.  Still not really sure want they were or the price.

Didn’t care, I wanted them.

Metal flowers are a thing for me!

metal flower frames #metalflowerframes

At the register, I paid $2 each for three metal frames with those lovely colorful rusty chippy metal flowers.

I would have paid much more!

Now what to do with them???

cutting plywood https://countrydesignstyle.comWhat else do you do with something you can’t figure out what to do with!!!!  Say that 3 times fast!

You turn them into chalkboards!

Metal Flower Chalkboards!

I cut a piece of ¼ plywood to fit and painted with chalkboard paint.  You can read my chalkboard tips here.

metal flower chalkboards #metalflowerchalkboards

I love them!  The one on the left is missing the wire that holds it upright, so it just leans.  We all need to lean sometimes…right?

metal flower chalkboards #metalflowers #chalkboards

I think this one is my favorite!

backs of frames

The back of them is just as cute as the front! 🙂

chalk outline on color paper

Now for lettering.

This is one of the tips in my chalkboard tips post.  Print out your script on color paper, lay chalk on the side and rub on the back.  It’s hard to see chalk on white paper!  Then place your script on the chalkboard with the chalk scribbles on the back.  Use a pencil to transfer the script.  Then simply go over the chalk to darken.

using chalk dust with rubber stamp #chalk #rubberstamp #chalkboards

Aha, moment!

chalk dust rubber stamp #chalkdustrubberstamp

Plus, here’s a tip not in the chalkboard tips…yet!  I tried this for the first time today.  First, I emptied the sharpener I use for chalk and pressed a rubber stamp into the dust.  Next, I pressed several times to collect a good amount of chalk dust.  Then stamped on the chalkboard.  I’m thinking about several projects to use this technique!

metal flower chalkboard #metalflowers

We’ve rarely had rain this whole year and today while making these, it rained!!! “D

Of course, our flowers are elk food!  But just try to eat these flowers, elk!

metal flower frames to chalkboards #metalflowers

Do you have any other ideas to use these frames?  Let me know in comments.

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