Cabin Hooks

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If you’ve ever found something you love but it’s not the style of your home, this will inspire you to make it.  I made these cabin hooks after seen beach houses. cabin-hooks-country-desgin-style-fp

Welcoming guests to our cabin starts with assigning a number.

Sort of like summer camp.  I imagine…I didn’t go to summer camp.  But if I did…I would expect to be assigned a number. 🙂

Cabin Hooks

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style

I went to the mailbox on a Friday and saw the Room Service Home catalog coming out of the box. Of course, the bills went to the side, and I started drooling over the pages.  Then I wiped the drool and laid down the catalog.  That’s when I saw the back page and this beach house wall plaque with hooks. The excitement begins, and I couldn’t wait to praise RSH with a similar look.


Too cute for words!

But we live in a cabin.  My mind is racing. I envision little cabins painted creamy white, reddish brown, and some almost black.  I remember a handle from an old garden rake in the workshop with peeling pale yellow paint, and I have leftover wood slat boards.

Just need a fence board. On Saturday I had errands and added Home Depot on my list of stops. I bought a 6 inch by 6-foot fence board for $2.05 plus tax.

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The Steps

Sunday morning I made the plans and measurements before I put on the work boots. Had to have the toes for counting!

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style

Anyway, here are my plans and lumber. The some of the wood has chalkboard paint on it. I used the board to prop up little chalkboards made for an event at our Humane Society.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style2

I cut the fence board into seven 9 inch pieces. Then measured the cabin roof peaks and cut them at 45-degree angle.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style3

Next, I measured the roof and cut 12 to the same size. Notice the painters tape on the miter saw, this tip helps cut quickly when you have several cuts to make.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style4

Next, I cut two more roofs and bit longer and at “regular” roofline cuts. If only building a real cabin was so simple!

The Pieces

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style5

All painted up and ready for assembly…getting so excited. I did a dry brush technique leaving some of the wood show through the paint. I also used a bit of paint on my finger and smeared white on black, black on brown, etc. The yogurt is not breakfast, it’s paint!

Two pieces of lattice mount the cabins together, or glues, the little cabins on for hanging.


Cabin Hooks Country Design Style6

If you love DIY woodworking projects and do not have a keyhole router bit for your router…get one! Promise you will love it. If you don’t have a router…well when you get one buy a keyhole bit with the router.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style6

The keyhole bit makes these in wood. So cool!

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style8

Little cabins all stacked up!

In my head, a frightening place, I remembered an episode of Room Service with a simple cabin where Sarah Richardson made crisp white pillows with numbers. I plan to make numbered pillows for each resting place for the guest rooms upstairs. Resting place because the windows have a seat long enough and wide enough for an adult. As we have guests I could give them a number and that would be where they sleep. Adding to this idea, I wanted the cabin hooks to be numbered. I could have guests towels or better yet, gift bags hanging from their hooks. How cute is that!


Cabin Hooks Country Design Style9

I cut out numbers using the silhouette and some rather ugly scrapbook paper to use as stencils.  Next, I mixed a bit of gray paint and again dry brushed using the stencils.

I forgot to buy any S hooks! What to do…make some.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style10

Using electrical fence wire and wire twisting pliers I made some rustic hooks.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style10

Here’s a picture of the pliers. They work okay but you can just wrap the wire around something and twist.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style12

To give the wire a rusty finish I dropped Tim Holtz rust alcohol ink on the twisted wire.

I add the twisty rusty hooks and ran upstairs to hang my cabin wall plaque with hooks.

Okay, I slowly climbed the stairs.

Have you had a project that you just couldn't wait to start? This project was mine. I had my knock off made and hung before shipping could have arrived if I ordered it!!! Country Design Style

Here’s a close-up.

Cabin Hooks Country Design Style

Can’t wait for guest!! What are you doing next weekend?

Cabin Hooks up close

Here’s a close up of the hooks.

Welcoming guest to our cabin with a number and gift bag on cabin hooks. Easy cabin style DIY project. Country Design Style

Should I make the signs too?

RH Signs

Life is good at the cabin. Life is good at the cabin.

Peace, Love and Cabin Feet?? Ewww! Maybe not.

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