Spindle Beads and a Truck Bead?


I had to make another one!

It must have been the one on the front.

The one that held the heels hooked over its back.

One kicked by swinging legs.

The one knocked by the vacuum.

This one that was perfect….for me!

So when planning what to wear I usually start with pants or skirt.  98% of the time…pants win.

Usually, jewelry is the last thought.

Until now.

Local DIY workshop


I’m hosting a “Find the DIY in You” event at our local Humane Society Resale Store.

If you find yourself smack dab in the middle of Arizona on March, 28 at 11 am.  Stop by!  I would love to meet you in person!

So, back to wardrobe planning.  What to wear.  Pants yes!

Wouldn’t a spindle necklace be cool to wear!?!?!

I made one a while back for a dear friend.  She’s always on the lookout for spindles for me. 🙂

You can see her spindle necklace here and how I made it.

Spindle Beads

Spindle Beads made from one spindle Country Design Style

I made this one the same way.  I did, however, pick out most beat up spindle in the pile.  You know the one on the front of the chair, that heels hook over, and vacuums hit.

The spindle beads are painted with just black chalky paint and waxed.  The first spindle bead necklace was painted with softer beachy colors.

A necklace made from spindle "beads!" Cutting up old spindles into a DIY necklace. Country Design Style

I used small beads between the chunky spindle beads.  This helps the beads lay well.


Now I have the pants picked out and the jewelry! 

Cutting up old spindles to made into a chunky necklace! Country Design Style

The spindle bead front right was even split…

but I always say, “broken pieces mend stronger.” 🙂

Now I have to find a top…

without paint on it. :/

Car Beads?

I’ve updated this post to include another unique jewelry DIY. This truck bracelet is very simple to make.

The hard part, but still fun is finding a little metal truck or car. I found this one in Ark City in an antique mall for $5. It’s actually a tow truck.

One thing that makes this so easy is that the wheel axle snaps off. I snapped it off on one side. Slide a bracelet I bought at the Pioneer Woman. under the axles letting some bead lay under the truck. Then snap the wheels back on.

You can see the video on Pinterest.

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  1. I will have to make it to the event. I will wear mine too. Now I have to figure out what to wear…… I will bring the coffee. ;}

    1. Donna, you’re a lifesaver. Last time I didn’t even think of coffee. I would have fallen asleep in the paint. Hope to see you before the event!!! Jeanette

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Just when I think that there can’t be another thing you can make with spindles – you make another thing!!!!
    These beads are truly amazing! Endless possibilities for them too! I’m pinning, and sharing this idea for sure 🙂
    I too, have only PJ’s with paint on them and most of the rest of my clothes have the distinctive “DIYer” brand label of some paint spot or other 😉
    Wishing I could swing by on March 28th, but I would need to leave South Florida by around the 21st to make it in time. Hope you have a great turnout and can’t wait for the pictures of the event!

    1. Andi, I like the “DIYer” brand! You might have started a trend! I will definitely post pictures of the event. Jeanette

  3. chris aka monkey says:

    glad you modeled this one it is gorgeous…i am a paint in jammies person just replaced 5 night gowns for painted holy ones lol xx

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