Cherish Frame

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Cherish-frame-sq-wmThis little cherish frame would be perfect for any occasion…say Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Cherish Frame

Easy Breezy SBThis is definitely an easy breezy project using spray mount, and craft and hot glues.

two-thrift-store-framesI was lucky and found these two frames at a thrift shop and they both had similar paint.  Bonus!  No frames to paint!

glued-burlap-to-frame-backingI removed the cardboard backs and stepped outside with the spray mount.  It’s the stuff that reminds me of hairspray…but not as sticky!!!  Heh, heh!

Anyway, I sprayed them outside, the smell is unique, and by the time I gathered them up, walked inside and unstuck them from my fingers, they were tacky enough to cover with burlap and a striped fabric.

The burlap was added to the large frame and striped to the smaller one.  I simply used the staples that were still in the frames to bend down onto the cardboard backs.

scrapbook-lettersI bought some letters from the scrapbook store that I’ve used more as “rubber stamps” than actually using the letters.

Cherish-lettersToday I will use the letters! 🙂

painted-cherish-lettersMy painting tip for paint anything small that moves around and sticks to the paintbrush, hold the item down with a skewer or any pointy tool.  I used a creamy white paint for the letters.

weighing-frames-and-lettering-in-placeI stacked frames holding the small frame with hot glue in the center of the burlap.  Added the lettering with white craft glue and weighed things down with a chicken!

Okay, the chicken is iron, sits in the kitchen with a candle inside, but sometimes she has other jobs.

Wish she’d lay an egg!  I’m hungry.


I found three wooden heart that I added with hot glue for the final touch.

Cherish Frame Pin | Country Design Style |

What do you think of this 15-minute project?  Do you think that chicken will ever lay an egg?

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