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You know that feeling as a child waiting for Christmas?  You’re excited for people to open the gift you made specially for them, and you’re excited to open gifts.

I’m having that exact feeling today!

Today Santa has finally arrived in blogland for our Secret Santa Blog Tour.  A group of DIY blogging friends are sharing creative DIY holiday decor.  The decor we made and received.  We’ve had DIY Christmas secret Santa gift ideas sent across the country.

We used an online tool to match our names.  Nancy who blogs at Artsy Chicks Rule was my pick.  She is extremely talented and has such a fun website.  Take a moment to pop over and follow Nancy,

I’ll wait!

Didn’t I tell you?  I love Nancy’s style and her DIY on a budget projects.  Now I have to decide what to make for Nancy to display in her home for the holidays??  I wanted something that reflected her playful beachy style with a touch of my rustic scrappy style.


So I came up with a chalkboard.  We all love chalkboards!  Not just a regular chalkboard, but a Santa boot chalkboard!



I taped two pieces of 8 1/2 by 11 copy papers together and hand drew a Santa boot.  I’m not an artist, but I just kept lightly drawing until I got the shape I wanted.

santa-boot-pattern-country-design-styleAt the bottom of this post is a free printable download of a computer drawing of the Santa boot.  To get the computer drawing I uploaded the photo of my pencil drawing, then using the drawing option on the computer I followed over my lines.


My drawing was laid on a piece of 1/2 MDF {medium density fiberboard, makes great chalkboards} and using carbon copy paper, I transferred my boot.

Carbon copy paper is the black thin paper that was used to make a copy back when we used typewriters!  You can order carbon paper here.



For safety, I clamped the board to my worktable making sure the boot area was hanging off the table.  Yes, I have cut my table several times!!  I’m learning.  I placed a thin scrolling blade in the jigsaw.


When I cut following my lines.  My jigsaw has a knob on top that turns the blade as you cut.  I don’t use it!!  I seem to do better just turning the whole jigsaw.  Using that knob and I can get the blade going backward!

Notice above, when you cut into a “V” shape area I cut one side then remove the saw and start again on the other side.

Planning the trim


Now for the white boot cuff.  Remember I wanted it breachy and rustic?  So I laid out some pieces of spindles and leftover trim along with seashells and beading.  When I got the arrangement I wanted I took a picture to remember.




Then I painted the boot with two coats of chalkboard paint.  The cuff was painted with two coats of chalk-based paint.  I also painted the edges.



Next, I trimmed the wood to fit along the cuff.  A quality wood glue holds all the wood, seashells and beading.

More white paint


I applied a final coat of chalky white paint over the seashells, beading, and trims.  I used a wet paper towel over the cuff area to light the seashells and trims.  Then sealed the area with clear wax.  When the wax dried a light buffing makes the cuff shine.

Remember that feeling as a child when you can wait for the recipient of your gift to open it??  That’s how I feel!  From my workshop to Nancy’s workshop!

Printable boot


If you wish to make a Santa boot chalkboard here’s my free boot drawing printable download. You can resize to any size you wish.  And make the cuff to fit your style!  Glue on whatever your imagination can think dream up.  Maybe thrift store jewelry, pieces of small Christmas items from the local dollar store, or paint it white using whiteboard paint.

Megan from Rhapsody in Rooms picked my name. Remember that feeling as a child when you can’t wait to open your gift?  That’s how I felt when my package arrived on our front porch.  I wanted to open it right away as I carefully placed it on the table. I walked past it several times.  When finally I opened it later that evening…


My Eyes light up


I can’t wait to read how Megan made this stunning piece.  It’s perfect on our mantel.  My plans for this mantel for the holidays was to add aged silver and was trying to think of something to add sparkle!  My secret Santa took care of the sparkle.

Remember as a child and believing in Santa??

I believe!!



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    1. Christy,
      A jigsaw was my first electrical hand tool. They are easy to use and work on different materials. I’m going to do a woman’s workshop series on using tools starting next year. Maybe a Santa list item??? 🙂 Jeanette

  1. at times like this i wish i was a blogger how fun…love love the boot nancy is talented and a beautiful person just like you… love your believe sign looks perfect xx

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