DIY farmhouse candle holders from a milking stool

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Farmhouse candle holders LR FP

If I had a barn this thrift shop buy would have been left as I bought it.  An old red barn with chippy sun faded paint and a huge wooden barn door.  Each morning I would open the latch and let the cows enter ready to be milked.  My thrifty treasure milking stool, with an extra large top, would keep me from toppling over when the cows tail thwacked me.

Since I don’t have a barn…or a cow…I decided to create a project I will use.

DIY Farmhouse Candle Holders

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Thrift benefit logo 2017

Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals

Your local humane society survives on donations and grants from the ASPCA.  Grants are complicated to receive and usually tagged for specific needs.  In many areas, animal rescues start thrift shops to fill the gap between donations and grants.

I found many people in communities across the US didn’t realize the thrift store around the corner supports their animal rescues.  So I started the Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals.  Each October a group of DIY bloggers shops for a DIY project to share together.  It’s my way to promote the kind deeds of the volunteers.  And share the great treasures found at the stores.

Shopping and donating to these amazing thrift shops is a great way to help the animals in need.  The best way to find one in your area is to call the animal rescue and ask.  Our humane society thrift shop is the best in our community and all earnings go to support the Humane Society of Central AZ.    Several of my DIY projects end up back on their shelves for resale…hopefully at a higher price.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders | Country Design Style before |

This is the milking stool.  Sorry for the awful picture.  I snapped the photo and when immediately to work not realizing the photo was almost black.  But you can see the extra large top.


DIY Farmhouse candle holders spindle legs removed | Country Design Style before |

As a true DIYer, I was not only thrilled by the spindles but also having more screws and washers for future projects.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders lots of screws | Country Design Style before |

More screws!

DIY Farmhouse candle holders vice grips | Country Design Style before |

After removing all the screws, I grabbed the gal DIYers best friend, the vice grip.  Makes weaklings like me strong enough to remove the double ended screws.  I’ll save them for a future project too.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders cut one leg | Country Design Style before |

The milking stool has three spindle legs so I could have 3 candle holders…but…I cut one in half and now have four holders. 😀

Buffets are served when we have guests.  I can place the two tall candle holders on the buffet and the two short holders on the table.

Sanding, Painting and Distressing

DIY Farmhouse candle holders sanded | Country Design Style before |

The barn red spindles have a shine.  A bit of sanding removed the shine and will help the paint to stick.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders painted | Country Design Style before |

I applied two coats of creamy white paint on the spindles.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders distress | Country Design Style before |

Then lightly distress over the dings and chips in the wood.  Distressing is easy to do if you start with an eighty or 120 grit sandpaper.  Then follow with a 180 or higher grit to smooth all over.

Displaying the farmhouse candle holders

DIY Farmhouse candle holders display | Country Design Style before |

While I’m waiting for any guests to come for dinner, I created a simple display on our organ mantel.  Above you can see the layers.  I could easily change this for Christmas by removing the fall leaves and added silver ornaments instead.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders pin | Country Design Style before |

The whole mantel.  Notice I embed a few keys into the top.

DIY Farmhouse candle holders fp | Country Design Style before |

Oh…to make them “candle” holders I added chunky battery candles.  We live in a forest.  We don’t do real candles.


Did you notice I still have that extra large top?  Got any ideas for a DIY project using the top?  Let me know in comments below.


Please join me and check the talented bloggers sharing their Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals DIY projects.  Make sure to follow along with them on your favorite social media too.

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  1. I second the lazy Susan idea! I make them out of old round table tops all the time. For smaller round pieces, I cut chunky spindles down to a few inches & make cake stands out of them.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Who’d a thunk you’d take milking stool apart for parts and turn legs into candle holders, so smart. Now why couldn’t I think of that? Wish would find cute little milking stool. Your candle sticks look so great, love them. What a smart redo for an organ mantel, so ingenious, so different ,love it .Love when people turn of odd things into something so unusual.
    Have wonderful Sunday

    1. Hi Janeellen, I’m a bit obsessed with turning things into something else. DIY is a great way to save our landfills. Thank you for following Country Design Style.

  3. hahaha, I didn’t realize US milking stools habe three legs – ours in Switzerland have only one and it is pointed soooo…. I’m gonna have to find some other spindles to recreate this pretty arrangement. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. A one-legged stool for milking, wow, I would fall over! I assume the one leg goes into the ground a bit since it’s pointed. So cool to learn this! Thank you for reading along with me. Jeanette

  4. What a great idea- and they look fantastic!! Thank you so much for putting together the thrift benefit…I hope you do it again next year! 🙂

  5. When I get a chance to drop in I am always get new ideas flowing.. thanks for sharing!
    I am now living in Payson AZ area.. loving my surroundings…

  6. Such a clever redo!- I think the cows would approve and just love the way you styled the whole vignette!
    Thanks so much for organizing this fun event!

  7. Lois Stimax says:

    Love they candlesticks!! As for the top, I could see a clock, a tray or a sign out of it. Can’t wait to see what you make!!

  8. I love finding candlesticks! They are always so useful. I love how you pulled this together and the organ mantle is amazing.


  9. I love these candle holders. They look like something someone would pay a ton of $ for at Pottery Barn. Reading the beginning of your post took me back to my “farm girl days.” Thank you for organizing this awesome benefit. 🙂

  10. I love what you did here! Perfect DIY and they turned out so pretty. Thanks for hosting this fabulous blog hop!

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