Do you Wonder what else you can do with aged wood?

So did I!

I adore the look and price of distressed wood using the tea and ironed vinegar technique.  But I have projects that I wanted white or black or purple!  

Well, maybe not purple.  

But you get the idea.  

So, now with over 100 projects created with homemade barn wood I had to take the technique to NEW LEVELS!

I started mixing aging wood with other techniques.  Do I age first or paint first.  What if I mix my "blurred grain" technique with aging wood.  Plus ideas to protect your "new" barn wood.  Or even do you need to.  Can I place a cookie on the aged tray?  Will it taste like vinegar?

The one quality that makes a UNIQUE DIYer is not being afraid to try, test and wonder what if??

One common question asked was how to get gray wood instead of brown.  

I discovered 4 different techniques to get the gray look.  

Things I learned {only the things that worked}

  • Using waxes both dark and white 
  • Blurred grain or worn paint
  • Different type of paints with aging solutions
  • 4 gray look techniques
  • Protect your homemade barnwood
  • How to raise the grain of wood
  • Sanding layers
  • Image transfers 
  • Dry brushing
  • White chipped paint

I tossed what I learned into a digital book that sells for $9.95

Thank you so much!
jeanette oxox

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