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Ever have a great idea…

only to forget to implement! 🙁

completed winter wreath with text

I had a great idea years ago.  Take one wreath, and each month, redo it for the season, holiday, or an event.  I thought this would be great for anyone who doesn’t have space to store several wreaths.

So December, as I was putting together a Christmas wreath, I thought, what if I take one wreath and redo it each month as a post.  Great idea, right?

Then the new year came, and I forgot.  So, I’m now posting my winter wreath for January.

Next Monday I’ll get the February wreath done.

January Winter Wreath

I decided to use grapevine wreaths…that’s two.  I wanted a thick wreath, so I bought one about 18 inches and one 12.

Winter Wreath-2

Then wired them together on the back.

Winter Wreath-3

I also wanted a good way to hang the wreath.  I use a piece of 16 gauge wire and looped each end into some branches.

Popsicle stick snowflakes

Winter Wreath-4

Now for snowflakes!  It’s not a very cold or snowy winter around here in Northern AZ.  But I wanted a wintery wreath.

Nine craft sticks or popsicle sticks painted white….

And then hot glued into star shapes with a hot glue dollop on the back to hold a floral wire piece.

More dollops of white craft glue on the ends, midway, and center of the snowflakes and then dipped into Epsom salts gives a snowflake look to the craft sticks.

Winter Wreath-5

While gathering the supplies for the winter wreath, I came across these clear crystal looking grapes.  I didn’t like them as grapes…even though the wreath is “grape”vine!

So I took them apart.

Winter Wreath-10

A toothpick makes a quick floral pick to gather a few of those clear grapes.  This makes it easy to stick between the branches of the wreath.

Winter Wreath-10


Winter Wreath-9

My winter wreath…

for one week!

Final wreath with snowflakes

Update!  Click below to see this same wreath remade each month for the season or holiday!












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