May Wreath

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Do you need a unique idea for a May wreath?  How about one with recipes?  Someday, I want to add a recipe to the back of a bookcase or plate rack.  

May-wreath-country-design-style-with-recipe-2When I think of mom usually recipes and food thoughts are not far behind.

My mom can C~O~O~K!

Wonderful comfort food.  So making a May wreath for Mothers Day I decided to add some of my favorite recipes from mom.

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Plus it’s Cinco de Mayo today so I added a few of the hundreds of tiny tissue paper flowers I’ve been making for our Humane Society event on Friday.

May-wreath-country-design-style-FPI love the old recipes in moms or grandmas handwriting.

May-wreath-country-design-style-with-recipeOn the back of one, I found this.

Glad it was good!

May-wreath-country-design-style-with-recipe-brownieOne I typed from Mom’s recipe box.  How do I know I typed it??

Because I only listed the ingredients and amounts.  No directions, no baking temperature, no baking time!

Guess that’s why I’m a DIY blogger and not a food blogger! 🙂

May-wreath-country-design-style-sqIf you’re new around here, I using the same grapevine wreath and redoing it on the first Monday of each month.  You can see the progression of the wreath to May wreath. 



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