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Back to School Wreath

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Back to School Wreath #backtoschool #wreathI haven’t bought back to school supplies since 1983 when my son started his senior year.  Wow!

When I decided to take one grapevine wreath and redo it for each month using things around the house, I didn’t think about the stuff for back to school.

I pictured vintage flash cards, a big chief tablet, tin pencil case, little metal pencil sharpeners and cool rubber tipped rubber glue bottles.

I don’t have any of those things.

I have plenty of office supplies and art stuff.  Almost a whole room full!  I do have plenty of burlap, mason jars and chalkboard paint!  Awww.

I thought this one would be elementary!

one wreath 12 ways august But office supplies are different than school supplies.

I’ve don’t think I ever sent my son off to school with a stapler!

For years I had a wood ruler, but now can’t find it.

I’d be sending kids off to school with a measuring tape.

And speaking of tape…

do they use washi tape in school?

Back to School Wreath #backtoschool #wreathChalkboards and chalkboard erasers, now those I covered.

What kids don’t take their own chalkboards to school any more!

Back to School Wreath #backtoschool #wreathI have a slide rule.  My dad had a collection of slide rules.

Please tell me kids still learn to use a slide rule in school!!

Back to School Wreath #backtoschool #wreathI always have a cigar box of crayons.

Broken pieces, some with the paper removed and some resharpened.

I love the smell of a cigar box full of crayons! 🙂

Back to School Wreath #backtoschool #wreathMaybe it’s not a typical back to school wreath, but it works fine for me.

Please little art man…don’t jump!








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P.S. If you’re reading this you made it through the whole post.  You made my day!  Let’s be the best of friends. 😊


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    1. Ruth Anne Buterbaugh says

      What a cute idea! Don’t have children going off to school any more, but I am a substitute teacher, so that’s reason enough to do a back-to-school wreath. Love that you did one for each month–I have NOTHING on my front door and it looks very bare! Must get busy and get one up inspired by your designs! Thanks for posting!

      • Jeanette says

        Thank you for visiting Ruth Anne! It has been fun to update our front each month. I always love having a substitute teacher. Added something different to the class. Stop back by soon. ~Jeanette

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