Valentine Wreath

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Valentine Wreath SQTime already for my Valentine Wreath.

Why already?

Because I almost forgot the get the January Winter wreath done.

Valentine Wreath

Winter Wreath-2For this WHOLE year, I’m using this wreath and redoing it each month for the season or holiday.

Winter Wreath-9This is the winter wreath for January.

Valentine WreathThe Valentine Wreath starting with this heart shaped plate.  I needed a simple way to hang the plate inside the wreath on its own nail.  I used a technique I found a What Meegan Makes using hot glue and a paperclip.  Click the link to see the technique easy to hang decorative plates.

Valentine Wreath-4Then I grabbed a hand full of baby’s breath from my reclaimed desk.

And had to sweep up the mess! 🙂

Baby’s breath is very fragile.

Valentine Wreath-3I tucking in the baby’s breath between the branches of grapevines, no glue needed.

Valentine Wreath-2A simple knot of creamy white ribbon and hanging the plate first and the wreath next…

and that’s it!


Valentine Wreath | Country Design Style |

Simple and romantic.

One wreath SQ BNCome on back the first Monday of March to see what I come up with for Spring or St. Patrick’s day.

Update!  Click here to see March.

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