How to use Dowel Pins

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If you’re thinking about getting a Kreg, you may want to read how to use dowel pins first.How to use dowel pins | Country Design Style |

What is a dowel pin??

Well, let me tell you!

If you interested in learning basic woodworking tips and making pieces for your home, you will love using dowel pins.

They’re an easy way to connect wood pieces and inexpensive too!

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What is a dowel pin

Dowel Pins | Country Design Style |
How to use Dowel Pins | Country Design Style |

Let’s start with what is a dowel pin.  Dowel pins are small pieces of wood usually with ribbed sides that are used to hold pieces of wood together.  They can also hold spindles together.  They sit inside the project when finished so you don’t even see them.  Dowel pins Grizzly H7926 1/4-Inch Wood Dowe Length Pins, 300 pk. are inexpensive.  Cheaper than buying a Kreg jig.  In my opinion, they are easier to use too.  Although I do use my Kreg for some projects.

Video showing dowel pins

If you click the play button above you’ll see a live video made on Periscope with all my tips and tricks on using dowel pins.

Using dowel Pins | Country Design Style |

These pretty little silver tacks looking things are the dowel pin markers Milescraft 5343 Dowel and Tenon Center Set, 8-Piece I talk about in the video.  There are jigs to use with dowel pins too.  My level of shabby farmhouse cottage cabin kind of DIY is perfect for simple pin markers.  Nothing too fancy or expensive for me.  🙂

how to use dowel pins in woodworking | Country Design Style |

I don’t think I’ll every be a cabinet maker or spend months building something.  Unless I build a house!!

So do you think a dowel pin is something you would try?

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