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Today CDS is starting a new series.  Home Tours.  Today is home tours Meegan Makes. 

On the last Tuesday of each month, we will be honored to take a home tour of a creative and inspiring DIY blogger.

To start the series, there was only one blogger that would fit the bill, Meegan at What Meegan Makes.  Reading Meegan’s blog makes me feel as though I sitting on her couch and taking in all the beauty.  So sit back and enjoy, Home Tours Meegan Makes.

Hello to all you Country Design Style fans!! And thanks for having me here Jeanette! I am honored to be asked to visit your followers and blog.

What Meegan Makes

My name is Meegan and I blog over at What Meegan Makes. I like to go thrifting, paint anything I can get my hands on; cook, bake and make new friends. AND, I love to blog. I have always loved blues and the colors of the sea. When we moved into our condo with dark woods and sofas, with lots of reds, golds, and greens; I knew I had to give this smaller place a cottage feel. So, by using whites, lights blues, greens, and a soft pink/coral color, our home is beginning to have the feel I craved.

Welcome to my 950 sq ft condo. We have lived here for a little over 3 years.Entry As you enter our home you will immediately see pieces of furniture and items that I have thrifted, crafted, painted and love.

As you look to the left you will spot our bookshelves filled with more items that make me smile. I also took a paintbrush to them as well.

Our coffee table was a garage sale find. Of course, I painted it white to blend in our decor. I also like collecting blue or green glass bottles and jars.

Living roomAnother view of our living room and front window. You can get a good look at the feel of our home by looking at this picture.

Book shelvesThis is an angle from sitting on the sofa looking towards the bookshelves. This gives me a place that is cozy and lets me enjoy my home.

bookshelfUsing complementary colors, I fill the bookshelves with vintage and hand-me-down items.

A personal favorite

girl2The frame on this lovely picture was also dark wood and gold mat. Again, using paint, I transformed it into the look I that I love so much. We love the girl in this print. We try to imagine what she is thinking while looking out of her window. Is she looking and waiting for someone, is she homesick, or maybe saying goodbye to someone? What do you think? What thoughts do you have about our girl?

pillowMaking my own pillows, I am able to bring a highlight of the pink/coral color I like, as well. Still keeping with the feel I like so much.

Using various blues, whites, creams, and grays, I paint my thrifted finds. It is always fun to see the final product and transformation.

Vintage Mirrors

craftsI have also started collecting vintage mirrors. These are just 2 here. I like adding mirrors in our small home because it adds light and depth, as well as making the area appear to be larger.

lampsHere is a view off of the bar. I like this lamp here because the kitchen is poorly lit. Adding a small lamp adds to the cottage feel and perfect light for working in the kitchen.

windowI made our curtains from sheets. I cut them into 2 different strip lengths and looped them through a curtain rod. No hemming, easy peasy. And again, the colors are soft in blues and greens with touches of cream.

screenI use to have this screen as a headboard in our bedroom, but I like the look of it in the living room much better. It’s open, and the color is soft and does not cut off the room.

That’s the main living space in our home. We don’t have a ton of room, but we make up for it in soft color and accessories. It has been a fun project. All it takes is time. It is more fun that way for me. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!

Thanks again, Jeanette. You are THE sweetest!

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Make it a fabulous Friday!

Thank you, Meegan.  I know everyone enjoyed the home tour Meegan Makes.

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  1. Thanks so much Jeanette for having me as your first guest! I am honored to be asked and to share my home with your readers.
    Make it a great week, my sweet friend!

  2. She really has made her home her own. I really love how she transformed the frame on the portrait of the woman. She has done an amazing job all around. Beautiful!!

  3. Joel Goddard says:

    You can feel so much warmth and love as you look at these pictures. Thank you Jeanette for sharing.

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