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Wood Slices would make awesome banners with a letter on each slice. But how do you get the slices to hang so you can read what it says?

one wood slice

Well, I figured out an easy way and we get to add those ever so popular wood beads!

Cool, right?

Since I created this live I picked a short word, FUN. But to help start the cooler weather, I make an autumn wood slice banner.

Supplies for wood slice banner

Wood Slices


Wood Beads

Craft Glue

Letter stencils

Craft paint

Stencil brush

adding twine to wood beads

Are you feeling the cooler weather yet? Me either. 😟

Here’s the live video edit down into a time-lapse video. Please note the speedy video is having technical difficulties and a bit of a meltdown. If you’d like to see the live prerecorded video, click here to watch on Facebook.

While you’re on Facebook, make sure to follow and get notifications when we create live videos.

Stenciling on wood

I’m one to jump into a live DIY video without knowing the outcome, but thankfully this idea worked. Unlike the videos I listed below.

I created another wood banner using this technique on the back of the “FUN.”

Some of the live videos that didn’t work.

  • The time I tried to melt crayons with an iron. I’m sure we’ll sell the house with melt crayons on the wood floors in the laundry room.
  • The Hometalk live video when I predrilled holes in spindles way too small. The spindles didn’t fit on the wire for a spindle tree.

Thanks for reading and watch along with me creating the wood slice banner. It’s fun to design and create ideas to share with you.

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