One Wreath 12 Ways March

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One Wreath 12 Ways March ThumbOne Wreath 12 Ways March

I using this same grapevine wreath and redoing it each month.

Did you expect March to be green?

I think there’s a touch of Irish in our family on my dad’s side.  But I’ve never done a green shamrock wreath.

One Wreath 12 Ways March-3This is what I ended up with for March.  A dried hydrangea and burlap design.

I didn’t start out with this exact design in my head.

One Wreath 12 Ways MarchBut when I laid the burlap strip across the wreath to cut it into pieces.

I liked the burlap laying across the wreath from one end to the other.

So I changed my mind.

I do that often!

One Wreath 12 Ways March-2More burlap strips were needed.

So I ran upstairs to the craft area…no extra burlap.

I rummaged through the laundry room…no burlap.  Hey, you wouldn’t believe what I find in the laundry!

Hummm!  Out in the rain to the workshop…no burlap.

Then I remembered cutting pieces of wired burlap ribbon to tie up napkins for an autumn dinner.

Running back into the house, dripping wet!  I found burlap ribbon in the dining hutch right next to the table where I was making the wreath.


I folded the pieces of burlap and twisted floral wire on the ends.  Then tucked the wires into the vine.

One Wreath 12 Ways March ThumbTucking in a couple of dried hydrangea bunches…

and I’m ready for March.

Now for some green beer!

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