Burlap Paper Roll Tree



I’m loving those Christmas paper rolled trees!  Have you seen them?  They are basically the last bit of Christmas paper left on the cardboard roll.  The rolls are cut to various sizes to form a tree and hung on the wall.

I wanted to make one…

in my rustic burlapy style!

Above are the rolls all cut up and wrapped in burlap…

and my sorta once clean floor!

Burlap Trees


Here’re the empty cardboard rolls of Christmas paper.  I collected rolls in three different circumferences just for uniqueness.

Notice the floor is sorta clean at this point.  Well, there is a clump of Homer’s hair.  There’s always a clump of Homer’s hair somewhere on the floor!


This project is very easy.  Thank goodness because I forgot to take pictures along the way. :/

Above is a close up of one roll with burlap ribbon stamped with stars from my June Wreath.  With some rolls, I wrapped the burlap around and around and others I made frayed and messy.  I used my trusty hot glue gun to hold the burlap in place.


This close up shows my favorite roll with burlap threads and twined wrapped around several times and tied.  This looks like enough burlap rolls to make several burlap trees!

Have you noticed the different colors of burlap?  I don’t remember buying such a green burlap!


Here’s the burlap tree hanging!  I used painters tape on the smaller rolls.  Then used that peel and stick tape for walls on the longer heavier rolls.  I topped the burlap tree with my clothespin star



I “hung” the tree in the area that leads to Mike’s office and pictures were a bit hard to get.  I was afraid I would like seeing the roll ends.  With the frayed burlap and the cardboard color I like it.


Finally, if you like the burlap tree too…

it would love to be pinned!


Funky, rustic and raggedy.

Now I gotta go clean floors!  Or make more burlap trees!

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  1. Kristeen, Thank you so much for visiting. I’m sure your burlap tree will be a hit! Have a great holiday! Jeanette

  2. Wonderful project — I want to make this…now I need to gather all these different sizes paper rolls..

    Thanks for all you creativity..


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