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workshop-gift-guide-main-country-design-style-countrydesignstyle-comI’m sharing many of the tools used during the live Hometalk Demo happening today!  After the demo, I will add the video into the post…in case you miss it.

Hometalk has asked my back to do another live demo on their FB page!!!

So I decided to gather a gift guide that contains the workshop items {or a similar product} I will be using during the demo.

During the demo, I will make a Christmas project using junk!

Demo time is today at 1 pm EST.  

Click here to watch live.  If you missed the live video it will be available here.

Workshop Gift Guide

The photos in this post are my workshop items.  Scroll to the bottom of the post to learn more about each workshop product.


Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you.  I only share products I like, used and have ordered, OR products I want.


That little point on the tip of this drill bit guide the drill.  Great for drilling into spindles.  Saves the extra step of drill a pilot hole.


Wow, wow,  wow!  I found these for WOMEN!  I’ve been wearing this type of work boot for 30 years.  I’ve always had to buy little boys boots.  This is on my list to Santa!

I should have pulled my jean leg down over my boot!


You never realize how much you use a rubber mallet until you have one.  Why use a rubber mallet then you have a hammer?  Dented paint cans are one good reason.  Can you tell my mallet has hit a few spindles??  :/


The work bench I use I made.  At one point, I had three 4-foot by 8-foot benches.  The two I use now are the same tables just cut down to fix my little workshop. 🙂  Notice in the photo above one table fits over the other.  This way I can fit them both in my little workshop.  If I was shopping for a new work bench I would pick the one below.  Basic.  Then I could add what I wanted to the bench.


If you’ve been following me or watching my live demo for awhile, you know I enjoy making mantels.  I’m shared a how to make a mantel series here on Country Design Style.  If you’ve not yet ready to tackle a mantel or remake one from an old organ, I found one I like below.


YES, I knew it existed!!!  Watch the video.  You will be wanting one too!  Centering ruler


Live demos are fun for me to do.  I enjoy the interaction with future, and current, DIYers.  A work apron is a creative give away.  I’ve bought lots over the years.  I just bought this work apron and it’s the best for the money I’ve found!!  This apron was tons of pockets, I’m finding a new pocket each day! 🙂  Plus it’s thick and holds a hammer…if you don’t might it knocking your knee.

Notice I personalized mine. 😀


This was a Christmas present several years ago.  Dewalt drills are powerful!  Having used several battery drills the one thing I’ve learned is the more powerful the easy to use as a woman.


This was my birthday present this year!  I don’t ask for new shoes, perfume or a new purse, I ask for a saw.  A miter saw.  LOVE IT!

Lightweight clear goggles are for me when doing general work working.  Tip:  I have them hanging on the handle of the miter saw to remember to wear them.  I do use googly all around protection goggles when using the jigsaw.  I need to get close up the see when jigsawing.  These old eyes of mine…


Clamps are like having another set of hands.  There are lots of different types of clamps.  This type is “another set of hands.”  You can clamp down using only one hand.

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Use the arrows and scroll to see all the products

I’ve added affiliate links at no cost to you.  See the full disclosure here.



So, here’s the video!  Fair warning…it’s almost an hour long!  But, there’s a HUGE blooper at the end.  Eek!

Sometimes you just need a bigger drill bit!!!!

Let me know if there are any tools you’re interested in learn more about in comments below.

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  1. I will have to watch the video to see this centering ruler in action.

    Love the apron. Where did you get that one? Couldn’t pick up a link with it.

  2. Candy Walsh says:

    Great list of gifts!! With the safety goggles, I wonder if I would be able to wear “cheaters” under them~my eyes are horrible and I really need them on intricate work and I love the way these go around the sides.
    Thanks for the list!

    1. Yes, Candy, they work around my glasses. I can’t see anything without my glasses. Thank you for reading. I just now uploaded the video. Yikes! It’s long. Hometalk likes long videos.

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