Icicle Branches Smelling of Milk and Honey!



My Icicle branches smell of milk and honey!

We live in Arizona, so we don’t get icicle branches often, but is it okay if mine smell like milk and honey??

We do get icicle branches since we live in the mountains of Arizona, I’ve just never smelled them!!

Since we don’t have them yet I decided to make them.

Icicle Branches

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Here’s what you need to make your own icicles branches…with smells!!

A large plastic tub {not really necessary, but a good idea}

Branches with leaves removed

Spray glue 

Chunky glitter {again not necessary but why not}

Here’s where the smell comes in…Epson salt

They may have Epson salt in “no smell,” but all I could find was smelly.  I thought milk and honey would be a “quiet” smell.

I was wrong!

The Branches



Anyway, here are the manzanita branches I cut from the empty lot next door.  On the right, I removed the leaves.  I started picking them off, but in the end, I grabbed a handful and pulled.

Next time I’ll put gloves on!


Glitter and salt


I used the plastic bin to spray the glue on the branches.  This contained the spray somewhat.  Do work outside!   Then I quickly poured over the Epson salt and shook on the glitter.  I kept spraying the pouring on the salt and glitter.  I used a plastic cup to gather up the mixture in the bottom of the bin to pour on.

Actually I pretty much “dump” on the salt and glitter.

Spray, dump, repeat!


Until I was happy with the results.  Very happy 😀

Icicle Branches


This is the final icicle branches.  Pretty cool and cold looking…

with the smell of milk and honey!

Tip:  I have kept the big blue plastic tub and store the branches inside.  I’ve used the icicle branches every year.


You can see the branches in our Christmas tree here.

Winter Whites Wonder Main | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

After Christmas, I used them in a large white bowl with bleached pinecones and white pearls for our winter decor.

A quick note, these branches make our tree every year.  They are the final touch. 

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  1. Ooohh! So pretty! I think they would look good just about anywhere! As accents in your 12 month wreath, in clumps between the Christmas tree branches, and tied with a red or white bow as part of your centerpiece or mantle decor! I would use them in some of my turquoise beachy bottles, right down the center of my dining room table! Thank you Jeanette! Another great decorating solution 🙂

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