Paper Tree

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Remember the stack of receipts stacked on a nail next to the cash register? I always wanted the job of pushing paper receipts on the nail. 

Making this modern paper tree solved that desire. And the wood beads made it quick to make.

close up of wood beads in paper tree

This paper tree turned out very different than the picture in my head. But I love the modern style with the wood.

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Print the 12 pages on beige or white paper. I used white paper. The printable is at the bottom of the post.

6 scissors with decorative cuts

Cut out the different sizes of squares. The download includes the red symbols and lines for cutting. There are 9 sets of 13 different sizes. I used decorative scissors to make each side different.

Regular scissors are perfect to use as well. You could also lay a ruler along the cut lines and tear the squares out for a rugged edge.

printable in paper trimmer

Paper trimmers make the tree super fast to make.

Making the stand

wood slice with skewer.

The base is a wood slice with a hole drilled in the center and a skewer glued in the hole.

There are two ways you can stack the papers. 

Cut 40 one inch squares of card stock to place between every three layers of tree paper. 

Or do as I did and add a wood bead between each set of nine.

Paper tree with red elements and decorative cut edges.

Other ideas for a paper tree

  • Use brown paper bags for squares. 
  • Make torn paper edges. Use a ruler to make a straight torn edge. 
  • Use felt squares and small beads between the layers. Make sure the beads fit on the skewer. Of use a thinner wire instead of a wood skewer. 
  • Cut squares from holiday cards. 
  • Spray the finished tree with spray glue and dust with glitter. 

This project reminds me of the stick hanger, it came out different and better than expected. And the tree is easy like the burlap cone Christmas tree.

finished paper tree

Grab your download here and no email is required. Simply click and your download will start. My hope is you enjoy the project and the post and pop back often for more unique ideas.

Download the printable paper tree.

Don’t you love it when a project turns out better than expected?

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  1. I have been wanting to do this with lace, doilies, pieces of cut and frayed fabric, and feathers…..the beads are a great addition……I saw it done Christmas 2019 never got to it. I just see gingham in spring colors!! Wouldn’t that be cute too! Love it😍 kim

  2. Loving your ideas. New apartment for my daughter coming up and she’s letting me help decorate. Imagine that. You ideas will be fun.

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