Chalkboard Globe and Twine

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Chalkboard Globe with twine land | Country Design Style |

Chalkboard Globe and Twine

Have you seen all the amazing globes on Pinterest!!  Have you seen the prices of globes!!  I’ve been looking for a globe to create…something with for 2 years.  I didn’t want to get creative on a globe that I paid $60 dollars or more.

Finally, I found one for $12 at the Junk in the Trunk

Now to create something that hasn’t been done…yet…I don’t think!

I bought this globe way back in November 2013 at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  Since that time the globe has looked like this….

Welcome to our World | Country Design Style |

chalkboard painted with usually boring chalk lettering.  You can see the globe is in bad shape.  In places, there’s clear tape holding the world together.

I picked this week to do something a bit more creative with the world!  It’s a busy week so something easy.

Sanding Chalkboard Globe | Country Design Style |

I wanted land!  First, I had to uncover the land that’s buried under chalkboard paint.  That was a messy task.

Flower stalks | Country Design Style |

Sheet moss was already all over Pinterest.  After scrounging around I found flower stems.  I could cut the little styrofoam beads off and glue them into the land areas.  You know, the little styrofoam beads that get static electricity and stick to everything in the world…but not to my world.  I filled Africa with glue, half the styrofoam beads sit in the glue…the other half stuck to my fingers, my shirt, rolled under the chair and stuck to the floor.  It was a MESS!!!

Half a roll of wet paper towels later…an I was back to a splotchy painted world.

Chalkboard Globe Huh Oh! | Country Design Style |

When all else fails…grab some twine and hot glue! 🙂  Plus silicone fingertips!!!  You can read more Hot Glue Gun Tips here.

Above on the right is Africa.  The rest is Russia, China, India and the middle east area.  You’ll notice I didn’t uncover all the land areas but using twine nothing needed to be perfect.  I was on a roll!!

Chalkboard Globe with Twine SQ | Country Design Style |

A slow roll!  Although this was an EASY project it was not a QUICK project.

Chalkboard and Twine Globe | Country Design Style |

This world was done in 4 evenings.

Chalkboard and Twine Globe Pin | Country Design Style |

After the land was twined the water was painted again with chalkboard paint.  Which was easier than I expected.  Have you covered a globe?  If so, let me know below with what?

Chalkboard Globe twine and chunky candle | Country Design Style |

Now we can write on the globe our next trip.  Where ever that might be??  I displayed the chalkboard globe with one of the chunky battery candles.

What are your plans for your next trip?  I’ll mark it on the globe.

If you’d like to see more twine projects, check out these.  Twine Nests, Wrapped in Twine, and Twine Balls and Sticks DIY.  If you have Christmas on the mind, check out this Burlap and twine tree.

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  1. So creative…. I totally love twine, always adds a warm touch , you made me think what else on earth may i fill with twine ❤️ ?, thank you for sharing brilliant inspiring ideas .

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