DIY farmhouse style snowmen made easy

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Making a snowman is cold.  If you’d rather spend a few minutes in the warmth of the inside making a snowman, you’re in the right place.

supplies to make a farmhouse snowman

Seven random thoughts on Sunday morning.

1. I’m still full from Thanksgiving.

2. Christmas is in 25 days…yikes!

3. Mike started Christmas shopping yesterday.  I can’t peek in the trunk.  Are you a peeker?

4. I miss my father. <3

5. Tomorrow I’m sharing our Christmas mantel on a blog tour.  It will be inspiration overload this week!

6. It might snow here today!!  Yep, in Arizona!!

7. If it doesn’t snow…I used the items in the photo above to make snowmen. 🙂

Winter Craft

Disclosure:  This post contains ONE affiliate link, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you.  Today I’m sharing a fun light product I love and have used for several projects.

Why only one?  Because everything else is dollar store items or things around the house!


This collection of snowmen makes a fun easy winter craft.  Below are instructions for the man in the middle.  The two sidekicks were made on video.  I’ve added the videos below.

List of Supplies

Two fishbowls from the dollar store {one small & one medium}
One clear ornament from the dollar store
Bath salts {white}
Pieces of twine
Chunky sock, boot topper, or metal funnel
Beans or buttons
Craft glue or hot glue
Ballon lights {my affiliate link}  These led lights are the size of a large vitamin or horse pill.  They last for days.

Winter Craft | Country Design Style |

The Steps

To start I filled the fishbowls half full of bath salts.  I used decorators putty on the back rim to help hold the bowls in place.  You can also place a dollop of hot glue.  It’s not necessary to glue the bowls in place.  The hot glue just gives a grip so the bowls don’t slip around.


Then I made a couple of twine pom poms.  Actually, the twine was burlap threads.  I cut a few pieces and wrapped a longer piece around the threads, tied and cut the ends.  I glue one on each fishbowl.

Using a funnel, I filled the clear ornament with bath salts.  For eyes, I glued on two brown beans.


I have no idea why I did this next step…but I made a broom.  Did I get mixed up with a snowman or a witch?  Did I picture a snowman sweeping the steps?  Maybe I was thinking of a snowman with broomstick arms.  Anyway, you can skip this step! :/

If you do want a broom, wrap pieces of rope or twine around a stick and hold in place with a piece of wire.  A piece of wire found on the street that I tripped over…twice!


Stack up the fishbowls and top with the ornament.  Then add a chunky sock or boot topper…and you have a snowman…

with a broom!


Above I dropped those led lights in each fishbowl and ornament.  It will take tweezers and finesse to get the light out of the ornament!!!

Sock Snowman

Here’s a speedy video showing the mason jar snowman!

And a speedy video for the sock snowman!

And a metal funnel for a hat and you have a tin man snowman!


????In the meadow, we can build a snowman
Then pretend that he is Parson Brown
He’ll say, “Are you married?”
We’ll say, “No man”
But you can do the job when you’re in town ????

Maybe I won’t be so full if I eat a bowl of ice cream!!

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  1. These are the cutest!!! And the only snowmen I will see this year are the ones I make☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️ Unless we get a miracle snowfall.
    I’ve already sent a message to a friend to see if she wants to dash out to the dollar store this morning . Have a great day!
    Let it snow!!!

  2. Now if I could make one as fast as you did in the video I wouldn’t need another month! LOL Love the mason jar tin man snowman! Have Mom’s masons and metal funnels! Ready to go 🙂 BUT I still need to get the tree up, presents wrapped and mailed, house cleaned, climb mount laundry and of course put some hours in for work – darn ol’ money anyhow….darn real life is no fun. I want to play and make things. My Etsy shop is even on vaca, no time to fill it. Spending most days at Dr. offices with the kids. The insurance is bogging one son’s procedures down so badly. …..SEE, see why i NEED to play! LOL Just rambling.
    Haven’t been by in a while and wanted to stop in to see what you were up to – FUN, thats what you’re up to! Lucky you, enjoy!
    Me, need to shower and head my kid to a Drs. appointment, ah yes, a fun afternoon. of waiting and waiting. Especially since Pinterest is down! I can usually get my HT pinning done while waiting.
    Smile deb, just smile…

    Take care Jeanette, Merry Christmas!


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