Clothespin Star


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Clothespin StarPlaying around with some clothespins that I had aged with “ironed vinegar,” I made a star.  You can read about aging wood at this old wood.

Have you ever doodled on a piece of paper and then look at the scribbles and see a really cool drawing of a bug or something?

Well if you have and found yourself cutting out the cute little bug, that’s how I feel about my little clothespin star.  I didn’t want to break it apart.

Star on old springsWith a bit of wood glue, my little clothespin star won’t break apart!  It’s hanging on top of the tree I formed on springs from an old bench that was done for the 12 Days of Christmas Home Tour.

Clothespin Star-3To make one start by making 5 “V” shapes.  Then moving them around to form a star.

Dried paintbrush star with linesHere are the basic lines use to make a 5 point star.

Clothespin Star Bright FPI have to find a place for it after Christmas.  I sure it will end up on a bookcase or the mantel.

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  1. Hi, I saw an identical star at an antique booth in Bardstown, Kentucky. I was looking for a pattern when I came across your site. Pretty cool!

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