Modern Farmhouse Tree

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The hardest part of this modern farmhouse tree decor is grabbing the rolls of toilet paper at just the right time.

Top of farmhouse tree with silver ornament

We’ve had a blast with the toilet paper pumpkins, so I decided to recreate the idea. This time make a Christmas tree instead.

I grabbed a new roll of paper. Now, this part is ridiculous to me, but we have four bathrooms. Actually, one is a powder room. That leaves 2 extras bathrooms with toilets that sit unused ninety-eight percent of the time. And how does a rarely used toilet still get dirty??

Anyway, I went around to all the bathrooms looking for a half-used roll, and one almost used up. Who put new rolls in all those bathrooms? I spent two days watching the amounts of toilet paper we used.

Finally, I have the amount of toilet paper left on the rolls to make a tree.

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paper towel roll cut down the middle

Cut an empty paper towel roll down the middle. {I’ll skip what I did to the paper towels to get an empty roll}

Then make the roll smaller and add a piece of tape to hold in place.

Two toilet paper rolls with paper towel roll in the middle.

Stack the rolls from full to “hey, I’m outta toilet paper” roll on the paper towel roll.

three rolls stacked

The farmhouse part of the tree is the red mattress ticking material. The old farmhouse is using the wrong side. I cut a 35-inch square piece. Then, I ironed the fabric.

mattress ticking in a quarter circle.

Next, I made a rough circle from the material. First, I folded it in half, then in quarters. Finally, I cute a curve from one corner to the other.

While the fabric is quartered, make a small mark to find the center of the circle when opened.
Place the stacked toilet papers in the middle.

mattress ticking

Now, grab an edge of the fabric and pull up and stuff into the top toile paper roll.
Keep stuffing every 4 of 5 inches letting the fabric make folds up and down the tree.

top of tree with pin

My last couple of tucks ended up a bit short. So I stuck a straight pin in the hold. I didn’t follow my own rules and make sure the tree was centered.

gluing tree to wood slices

Now for the base of the tree, I stacked four wood slices and added a dollop of hot glue between each slice. Then a blob on the bottom of the tree to stick it on the trunk.

These wood slices are leftover from a wood slice tree. Funny how that works.

top of tree

A round silver ornament is glued into the top. I placed it with the hanger stuck down into the roll, along with all the material. A pom pom would be cute too.

Having no idea what this tree would look like when finished, I was surprised by the modern farmhouse tree. I planned to wrap a small strand of battery lights or tinsel around the tree. But I like the simple farmhouse look and left it plain.

Finished tree

While you pin this, I gonna pop into the bathroom. I hope there’s toilet paper!

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