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spring-burlap-banner-sq-country-design-style #burlapbannerWhat do you make when you’ve had a night of bad dreams and are too tired to make a complicated DIY project?

Ever have a dream where you’re so active in the dream, running, knocking through doors, jumping over barrels that when you wake up, you’re pooped?

That happened the night before I planned to do a spring banner.  I was physically and mentally tired.

So, the spring banner became extremely easy to make!

Leftover-scrap-burlap-project-country-design-styleNothing too physical or intellectually demanding!

I started with a scrap piece of burlap.  This scrap was not a straight cut piece.  That means pulling the strings of the burlap for a straight edge was not going to work.

Burlap-Cut-into-7-by-4-country-design-style #burlapbannerSo I rough cut 6 pieces into about 4 by 7 inches.  As you can see this left stray pieces of burlap on the edges.

I’ll fit that!

Burlap-V-cuts-for-banner-country-design-style #burlapbannerBut first I folded the squares in half lengthwise and cut a diagonal cut to form a “V” on one end.

Dip-burlap-edges-in-paint-to-stop-fray-country-design-style #burlapbannerNow to fit those stray strings.  I placed a big dollop of craft paint on a paper plate and holding the burlap on it’s side, dragged the edge into the paint.  I did this on all the edges including the top edge.  A small paint brush helps get the paint into the “V” cut.

Paint-seals-burlap-from-fraying-country-design-style #burlapbannerLet dry.

Spring-Banner-color-choices-country-design-style #burlapbannerI used six different springy colors of craft paint.

Burlap-banner-stenciled-threaded-country-design-style #burlapbannerThen I used the silhouette to cut out stencils.

The tired was hitting hard…

Crumbled-up-stencils-country-design-style #stencilsnotice the crumbled up stencils????

When I use the silhouette to cut one time use stencils, I  use a “ugly” piece of scrapbook paper.  The silhouette works like a printer but instead of printing a small blade cuts the paper that is temporary stuck to a self healing mat.   When the sticky mat comes out you simply peel away the paper.  In this case, I wanted the stencil part, not the letter part.  Or the negative not the positive.  When I peel the paper the negative stencil piece comes off, leaving the positive letters still on the sticky mat.  So I have to remove the positive letters to have the sticky mat ready for the next project.

Notice the “G” above has three pieces to peel away.  I got all the pieces off and toss the positive letters in the trash.  While unplugging the silhouette and putting away the sticky mat…I also grab the negative stencils…and crumbled them up and tossed them!


So now I’m tired and going through the trash to find my crumbled up stencils.  Fortunately stenciling on burlap is not a perfection kinda project!

Spring-Burlap-Banner-country-design-style #burlapbannerI used a bit to hemp type string to thread through the top edges of the banner and hung it above our front door.

Front-door-spring-burlap-banner-country-design-style #burlapbannerLater I stepped back outside to check if I threaded the spring banner in the correct order!


Can’t you just see that??

Spring-wreath-chalkboard-country-design-style #springwreath #springchalkboard #springwindowI erased the “2104” from the chalkboard window using one of my chalkboard erasers while wondering what happened to Valentine’s day!

To quickly refresh this wreath, I cut 6 inch springy colored ribbons and tied them on.  The chalkboard mason jar was leftover from my Michaels Hometalk Pinterest event.

Spring-burlap-banner-front-door-country-design-style #springbannerHere’s our front door!  You can see the porch swing in the reflection between the Homer and Bella spittle!  Lol!

I think the swing is calling me for a nap. 🙂

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