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Sofa Placement

How long has your sofa been in the same place?

Ours had been sitting in the exact same spot for ten years!!  If you think there’s only one sofa placement idea in your living room, let me give you a couple of ideas to change things up.


Sofa Placement Before | Country Design Style |

Here’s a rough computer drawing of our “Before” living room floor plan.  It’s an open floor plan with the dining table in an “area” of the room.  We have a large stone wall with the fireplace.  So it would seem natural to place the sofa in front of the fireplace.  We did.  For ten years!

We have two large chairs each with an ottoman.  Each chair was placed along the sides of the sofa.  Mike and I faced each other.

And had sore necks watching TV!

I needed a change.  I grabbed some furniture sliders and start moving furniture.  I moved all the small furniture into the dining room.

And moved the sofa one way…and then another.

Sofa Placement along side | Country Design Style |

Finally, I decided on placing it in front of the stairs.  There’s plenty of room to enter the room from upstairs and walk around the sofa from either side.  There’s even a sofa table behind.  The industrial coffee table was placed in front.

I don’t take many pictures of our living room because…I’m not good at it. 😕  There’s lots of windows and the large mirror that reflects.

Living Room Sofa Placement | Country Design Style |

Above is the room as you walk in through the front door.  Homer was laying on the sofa….oops!  The kitchen is shown top center and dining area top left.  Next, I placed our large chairs.  One looks straight at the fireplace…Mike’s.  The other is at a slight angle.  Using both ottomans was too much.  One moved upstairs and now we share the one.  Awwww!

I filled in with small tables.

Sofa Placement side of fireplace | Country Design Style |

Here’s the living room from the dining area.  The sofa placement is perfect for stretching out and watching TV….if you can get Homer off. 🙂

Sofa placement with 2 chairs | Country Design Style |

Here’s the room entering from the office.  The room is more open and we like sitting together in the evenings.  Even if I sitting and hogging the ottoman with a project!

In the top right above is my blogging desk and chair.  Along the windows on the top left are two extra chairs and a great yard sale table.

Sofa Placement idea | Country Design Style |

So, do I have you thinking about your sofa placement?

Here’re a couple more ideas.

  • Move the sofa at a 45-degree angle.  This angles everything in the room and in some cases makes entering a square room easier.
  • Move the sofa along a side like I did but then add the chairs or loveseat along the other side facing the sofa.  When we finally purchase new living room furniture I thinking about doing this with two sofas.
  • Angle the sofa slightly from the wall.  Putting out one side of the sofa even a few inches can change the room.  Place a floor lamp, floor plant or hang a small shelf on the wall behind the sofa.
  • Pull the sofa straight out from the wall a few inches can give a great place to add a narrow sofa table.  Anything you place on the sofa table added to the wall decor behind too.

Sofa placement ideas when you think there's only one place for the sofa | Country Design Style |

Snap a photo of your sofa placement and send to me or post on Country Design Style Facebook page.

What kind of sofa should I look for next?

I love to read your comments.  Let me know what you think below.

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