What is Periscope?

Periscope is a new social media video app for your smartphone!  Yep, I rolled my eyes too!  Another one??  This one really is different! Periscope is a way for us to connect, chat, and laugh “LIVE” on our phones.  It’s casual, easy, and spur of the moment.  I have watched tutorials, asked questions, answered questions, learned and just chatted.  Think of it as a video with chat and little hearts.  More on the hearts below.

How do I get on Periscope?

Simply download the app to your phone…it’s free!  If you have a twitter account it will connect through your twitter.  Periscope is owned by twitter.  Otherwise, just sign up to periscope.

Do I have to make “scopes” to be on Periscope?

No.  “Scopes” are what everyone is calling the videos.   I’m finding several that just watch, chat, learn…and laugh.  Oh, and tap hearts. <3 {see below}

I’ve downloaded the Periscope app…now what?

Follow people.  If you are on twitter, the people you follow will be listed.  To follow them on Periscope just tap the check.  You can find me @countrydsgnstyl or my name is listed as “CountryDesignStyle ~ Jeanette.

I missed the “LIVE” scope….now what?

Scopes are saved on Periscope for 24 hours.  You can click on any saved scopes to watch.  The recorded scopes will not show the comments on Periscope.  That and can be weird because they might pause to read a comment or redirect due to comments.   But it’s all fun! You can, however, add hearts while watching the recording.  I’m planning on downloading my “scopes” to youtube, facebook or even to a post that relates to the scope.  I will also add current or popular scopes below.

How do I know when you will be live?

I use twitter and facebook to announce my next live scope.  I also will announce the next live broadcast at the end of each scope. In time, I may schedule themed scopes.  Such as, Five Tips Friday at Five or Thrifty Tuesday at Ten.  For now, I’m just having fun, laughing…and learning!

Okay,  so about those hearts. <3

The hearts are similar to a like on Facebook, except you give lots of hearts.  Even up to 500 on one video!  To give a heart you simply tap the screen on the bottom right where the hearts grow.  Tapping hearts is sorta like saying yes, or clapping your hands, or I like that.  The hearts are in colors.  If you notice you will have your own color for each scope.  On one scope it might be red, another you had green hearts.  Give lots of hearts! 🙂 <3

REALLY like Periscope???  Share it.  Here’s how.

While watching at scope swipe right on i-phone and swipe up on android.  It will give you the option to share with followers or tweet about the scope you’re watching.  If you’re watching a recording swipe up to share or hide the chat.

My word of caution….Periscope is addicting! 🙂

Chat with you on Periscope soon!


As a reader of blogs, I’m enjoying seeing the personalities of my favorite bloggers that shine through on video.

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