How to make a farmhouse Easter display basket

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Would you love a farmhouse easter display basket loaded with cream eggs, pretzel nests and chocolate bunnies?

Easter display farmhouse style

So would I!!

In the meantime, I’m sharing an Easter basket you can display in a farmhouse style.  Inside, there’s wooden eggs, twine nests, and a wood bunny head.   

This is an Amazon project.  What I did was find all the items to make the easter display basket on Amazon.  They are listed below along with tools needed.

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You can read the steps for making your own burlap ribbon nests or watch the video above.  Whichever is easier for you. 🙂

Earlier I did a Facebook live showing the “unboxing” of the Amazon goodies.  You can see the “unbox video here.”

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Burlap ribbon nest

Easter display ribbon nest finished

Supplies and tools

6 feet of burlap ribbon
Paint {I used this white chalk-based paint}
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
A rubber spatula or silicone fingertips

The Steps

Easter display burlap ribbon painted edge|

Pick a color of paint to match your decor.  Paint one edge of the burlap.  When dry flip it over the paint the over side along the same edge.  I did this to add dimension and division to the nest.  Otherwise, it might look like a knot!!!

Easter display ribbon nest

Lay one edge of the ribbon on your work surface.  Cross over the ribbon to leave a square tab.  Glue this down.

Easter display ribbon pleats

Then make a small pleat about 1-inch down the ribbon and glue that pleat down.

Easter display burlap nest

Continue making pleats and gluing them into a circle.

Easter display nest

Then do the same inside the first circle.  Make a pleat, glue, and repeat.

Stop when you run outta ribbon!

Fill with chippy painted wooden eggs.

Painting the wooden eggs

The supplies

12 wooden eggs {I bought 2 sets}
Paint {I used the same paint as above}
Petroleum jelly {or Vaseline}
Paper towels

Easter display wooden eggs

The steps

Cover small areas of the wooden eggs with Vaseline.  Vaseline acts as a resist, keeping the paint from adhering to the wood.  I used my fingers to apply it…then added some to my dry hands.  I tend to pick and darker areas of the wood to add the Vaseline.

Easter display getting messy

Paint the eggs.  You will notice the paint doesn’t stick where the Vaseline was applied.  Let the eggs dry.  The use a paper towel to remove any paint still over the “resist.”  Notice too…it’s messy!

The bunny head

The supplies

6 bunny heads
Paint {again, I used the same paint}
Wood glue
Petroleum jelly {or Vaseline}
Paper towels

The steps

Easter bunny heads

I wanted a thick bunny head.  These were all I could find.  So, I glued all six heads into one thick head. {a sentence I never thought I would write!  :/}

Easter bunny head clamped

To paint the thick bunny head, use the same steps as the eggs above.

The burlap ribbon fill

The supplies

The rest of the burlap ribbon from above
Mod Podge
Piece of foil
Wire Crate

The Steps

Easter display ribbon fill

You will use the rest of the burlap ribbon to make a “fill” for the wire basket or crate.  Think of the burlap ribbon as grass for the basket.  Form a tray with the foil.  Layer the ribbon in the foil tray.  Mix approximately 1/2 cup Mod Podge with 1/2 cup of water.  Drizzle the Mod Podge over the burlap ribbon, turning often to get through the layers.  I pour mine down the middle areas of the ribbon…mostly.  This is a messy step like the egg painting.  Toss the ribbon and Mod Podge.  Don’t worry about covering all the ribbon.  This is simply to make the ribbon stiffer and able to fill the crate.

Easter display burlap drying

Add the ribbon to the crate and let dry.  I left an open area in one corner for the nest to nestle.  Notice, mine is drying on the steps to the RV.

Filling the farmhouse Easter display basket

Easter display farmhouse style basket

The filling is simply a matter of tucking in eggs and the nest.  Then topping with that thick bunny head.  I tucked eggs down into the burlap folds.  Also, I added a twine nest from small pieces of the burlap ribbon.  You can see more about how to make the twine nests here.

Easter display basket farmhouse style

Here’s the Easter display running down the dining room table.  The spring wreath is laying on top of a large bowl.  Faux white eggs seem to fill the bowl.  But, really I adding a glass inside the bowl.  Then topped it with a small plate.  The eggs fill the plate.  Cool trick…right?

After Easter let’s plan on using these wire baskets for an organization idea…okay??

Now I can’t wait to fill the display with chocolate eggs and bunny heads!


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  1. Cornelia L Short says:

    I love it! Nice Nuetral colors and love the wire basket that you can reuse for something else later.
    Always inspired by your posts,
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