Rustic Flower

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Rustic Flower | Country Design Style |

Did you know the titan arum is the worlds largest flower….

and the one with the worst smell of rotten meat.

This rustic flower is almost as large…

with a better smell!

If you like the smell of sawdust and paint.

Rustic Flower

Construction scraps from stairs | Country Design Style |

The idea came for this project when I was stacking up scrap wood.  The construction crew was fine with us going through the scrap pile.  Less work for them.

I started arranging and rearranging the triangle pieces that came from the stairs….and made a star or a flower.  If it was December this would be a star, but since Spring is coming it’s a flower.

Here’s another project I made from the ends of the stair boards.  Pretty cool, huh??

I drilled each piece into the next piece using two screws going around the flower petals.

Organ keys dowels for rustic flower | Country Design Style |

Now for something for the middle.  My first thought was sticks somehow coming out from the center.  Then I remember the dowels from the old organ I took apart.   I pulled out about a dozen.  If you wanted to make a rustic flower from scrap wood and don’t have an old organ, you could use sticks or purchase wood dowels.

But how do a attach them in the center of the rustic flower?

Sink Stopper for Rustic flower | Country Design Style |

A trip to our local ReStore to browse the aisles and I came up with a sink stopper for 75¢.

Pieces for center of rustic flower | Country Design Style |

I took it apart and used the stem and large washer with one bolt to make it fit perfectly.  I painted it with black chalk based paint.  Painted the extra large rustic flower with white chalk based paint.  Then added the sink stopper to the center.

Large Rustic Flower | Country Design Style |

I just stuck in the key dowels from the organ in some of the sink stopper holes.  They fit tight.  If they do fall out I’ll add glue.

Rustic Flower made from construction scraps | Country Design Style |

We decided to hang it on the back of the workshop.  I like the pop of contrast and it’s a large surprise as you walk around the back side of the house.

Large surprise!!

No smell of rotten meat…ugh.

I’ve linked up at Vintage Charm

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  1. Love it. Cant wait to add some color to my yard. Starting my garden is fun but adding color is the best.

    1. Thanks for stopping by our scrap garden Gail. I’m sure your garden will be stunning with color soon.

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