Bits and pieces clock remade from junk

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Clock face Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

Bits and Pieces Clock

Or Mishaps!

If you break a dish do you toss the lid too?  If you break a clock do you toss the clock mechanism?  Or, if you router your board too deep do you toss it?  I’m thankful I broke a dish and broke our clock.  Or this project wouldn’t have happened. 🙂

Not so thankful I routered by board too deep, but I made it work. 😕

Today’s is our monthly Junk Challenge.  A group of talented ladies shares our projects made from junk.

 The junk

Please check all the junk projects at the end of this post along with me.

Bits and Pieces Clock SQ| Country Design Style |

This is my junk visionary clock.

Bits and Pieces Clock Broken | Country Design Style |

This was my clock!  This morning, Pierre was not keeping time…so I gave him a beating!!! 😀  Not really, but he did jump outta my hands and fell to the floor breaking his arm.

Vintage Veggie cover Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

I remembered a dish I broke over Thanksgiving.  Don’t sit a hot dish on a cool marble countertop!  It was a vintage veggie dish.  I liked the top so I keep it knowing I would repurpose it sometime.

Clock part Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

I removed the clock mechanism from Pierre’s gut.

The new base

Wood Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

Then cut four ten inch boards from a 1 by 3.  That makes a ten-inch square when glued together.

Router bit Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

When the glue dried I routered a keyhole for hanging.  I started routering a square inset area for the clock mechanism.  Since the area was in the center of the wood and needed to be around 1/2 inch deep, I set the router to cut about 1/4 inch deep first.  Everything worked fine.


Ophs Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

I adjusted the bit to cut deeper, way too deep!  Oops!!!!  Do I start over…no!  The large gaping hole will be covered with a clock face.

I aged the wood with my tea and ironed vinegar.

Clock face Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

The picture of Pierre was added to a page document and then printed on card stock to be the same size as the original clock face.  Pierre had lots of glue holding the clock face in his tummy!

I cut the clock face out and glue over the gaping hole.  I glue the clock mechanism in the back and added the hands.

Clips Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |
Bits and Pieces Clock | Country Design Style |

I used metal clips from an old crib…

Bits and Pieces Clock pn | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.comto hold the veggie lid in place.  The lid has a rim around the edge that keeps the clock hands moving around.  With a fresh new battery maybe, I won’t break this clock.

If I keep breaking things I’ll have plenty of junk for the rest of the year!

Now it’s time to join me and visit the other junk projects.

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  1. It’s always a great feeling to make something whole out of pieces, and it’s even better when it’s something you can actually use. Taking pieces from different things to put together a clock definitely adds character to it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, John, for reading along with my creative junk ideas! I was afraid it would be hard to see the time through the veggies, but it shows great…as long as the battery keeps going.

  2. Jeanette, this is such a neat upcycle!! Imy glad you were able to save your vintage plate and give it new life!

  3. I think you are the queen of bits and pieces Jeanette!! That dish lid looks like ti was made to fit right over the clock face and the crib clips are a perfect touch to the piece.

  4. I love just about all my power tools except for my router, I always get hubby to do the router work. Great use of bits and pieces.

  5. Using metal clips from an old crib to attach it is just brilliant! Jeanette you really had me chuckling as I read your narration of the project. Poor Pierre… at least he was able to donate his organs for another recipient! ;o)

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