9 Rustic Decor Ideas

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Rustic decor is cozy and comforting. It’s decor that’s okay if it’s not perfect. DIY rustic projects tend to be easy that anyone can create.

rustic paint with text

Rustic style is created by paint, techniques, or the using something old, chippy or rusty.

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Rustic Techniques

wood painted with black paint

This easy distressed painting technique hit me while dusting it. What if I painted it like I was dusting it? Maybe I should do more dusting!

table top half aged

What’s more rustic than barn wood? But real barn wood gets super-duper expensive. So I do this technique instead. I call it aging wood instantly.

Organize rustically

lampshade craft supplies hanging from wire

Instead of putting small craft items in the bottom of a drawer or bin, I’ve learned to keep it in plain sight, beautifully rustically. See this organizing craft supplies idea and get spinning. These metal hooks make the supplies stay on the lampshade while spinning!

wood cabins with hooks

Remember when I said inspiration hits when and where you least expect? This inspiration came in the mail. By the end of the day, these cabin hooks hung on our wall. Whew, but so fun to make!

Rustic decor crate

This idea for a rustic crate makeover was fun and loud to make. I used up many of the extra buttons in those little plastic bags dangling from that new shirt too!

Decor in the rustic style

Inspiration hits at odd moments, like while watching TV. This idea popped in that area of my head that says, “I want to make that!” We were watching a quirky and funny show when these chalkboards inspired hit me.

2 by 4 frame

This art piece is a treasure to me. Painted around 40 years ago, it’s my grandparent’s old farmhouse. I think the frame make with 2 by 4 fits the style of the farmhouse so much better than the “fancy” thrift store frame.

TV with barn wood shelf

I have a quirky dislike of cords and wires, mainly because I can get a cord tangled by one touch. Does that happen to you too? I don’t like seeing cables and wires either. This TV hangs on the wall. The cable and electric outlets are high on the wall, just not high enough. This simple barn wood shelf hides the wires.

white painted mantel covered with scraps

Have you ever made spaghetti and throw the noodles on the wall to see if they stick? This mantel is sorta the same, except I used great wood glue to make sure it stuck. A fireplace in a magazine was the inspiration for this scrap wood mantel idea.

So, have I inspired you to add a bit of rustic decor to your home?

It’s super easy and fits in with other home style beautifully rustically.

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