Easy Distressed Painting Technique

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With all the complicated paint techniques out there, how about an easy distressed painting technique?  One you can do in a few minutes.

Furniture makeover | Painting techniques | furniture update | Country Design Style



I used 2 ounces of chalk-based paint to do the whole dresser. 

I jumped at the opportunity to do an easy distressed painting technique inspired by Pottery Barn along with a creative group of furniture painting bloggers.

themed furniture makeover day

The dresser came from a yard sale for $20.  The bones are good, but the veneer is bad.

But bad in a good way!

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The wooden knobs were loose and coming off.  I added vintage-inspired glass knobs.


Then I saw the Pottery Barn Dawsen Media Cabinet.  I L~O~V~E~D the distressed painting technique.  It reminds me of my grandparent’s old bedroom set.  It was originally stained but long before I was born, someone painted it black.  Over the years and grandkids, the paint wore down to the brown underneath.


Here are the tools I used:  Americana Chalky Paint in Carbone, small paint brush, painting latex gloves, and lots of paper towels.  I had a trash can nearby too.

I planned to get messy!


The Americana paint does leave brush strokes unlike some chalky type paints, but I like most brush strokes!  Done well it gives a wholesome hand painted look instead of factory distressing.

This time I wanted a hand rubbed look.

Or paper towel rubbed look!

easy distressing technique | painting furniture | furniture update

Furniture makeover | Painting techniques | furniture update | Country Design Style

Here are close-ups.  In places I rubbed with paper towels and others I rubbed with the brush.

At first, I planned to buy wooden knobs and replace the vintage styled glass knobs.  But I got a better idea!

I painted the glass knobs!

Absolutely my favorite part!  Other glass knobs around the house…beware!


Here’s my finished project.

easy distressing technique | painting furniture | furniture update

Here’s the project with the Pottery Barn Inspiration piece.

That 8 oz. can of paint still has about 6 ounces in the can!!!

Plus I didn’t get messy!

This easy distressed technique inspired these mason jar lids.

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    1. Allison, thank you for asking and stopping by. Since I used a chalky type paint I could let the paint sit for a few minutes and then rub. A very damp paper towel can help rub back the paint if you wait too long. Jeanette

  1. This piece is lovely. Wow, I love the color and the distressed look you created. Awesome work Jeanette. You rock! By the way, thank you so much for stopping by my blog the other day. I appreciate it very much. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. first off that dresser is awesome i love the look and the color combo…. second i am sorry i have not been able to connect with you in any of the big marker thingy’s i had to watch grandson because my kid had a job interview and at 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 it is watching and right after i had to go to the doctors again on monday two more doctors appts a ortho and a neuro i am tired of doctor appts xx

    1. Thank you Mary. Let me know how your dresser comes out. Or better, send a photo. I was torn about painting the glass knobs, but I was tired of them. The sparkle of the glass is gorgeous next to the rustic black! Thanks for stopping by. Jeanette

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