Light fixture globe cloche ideas

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While the grandkids were playing catch one of the chandelier globes broke. Time for a new chanty and time-out for the kiddos, but save any unbroken light fixture globes to make a cloche.

close up of glass shade

Do you have a passion for the bits and pieces of lamps and chandeliers? I do. The best place to find lamp treasures are the Habitat for Humanity ReStores.

I also have a passion for ribbed glass. That’s the glass you see in old movies. Usually set in the top of door panels in police stations. When I think of ribbed glass in movies, I think of Chinatown.

Light fixture globes cloche

The part used to make a cloche

Above are some bits and pieces of lamp parts. I was surprised at all the parts that go into a lamp when I took apart that first lamp many years ago!

Have you ever tore into a lamp??

Bolts, washers, threaded pipes, round disks or washers, and metal decorate pieces of all sizes…

and I’ve saved every one of them since that first lamp!

The parts lined up on threaded rod

I added the finial on the pipe. Next, I added the decorative brass spacer and the glass globe. Then inside the globe, I added the round disk and finished by screwing on the bolt. 

Basically, a lamp and this thrift shop cloche are put together on a threaded pipe tighten down with a bolt and decorative final at each end.

Each light fixture globes cloche would be put together a bit differently due to the lamp parts available. But if you need a 4 inch threaded pipe or more washers, any hardware store would have it and cheap.

If you need ideas for bases, check out this post on cloche bases.

The finished cloche with grapes, but…

finished cloche with cookies

I like it better with cookies! I’m not a food blogger, but one of my popular recipe posts (of the 9 recipe posts) is my chocolate chip cookies. Click here to check out my family’s favorite cookie recipe.

Now it’s time-out for this DIYer. Where’s the milk?

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