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Nailed Hooks [DIY] | Country Design Style |

As the sweat started beading up on my forehead while organizing…I found something to make a DIY project.
Leaving my labels, crates, and piles of half-organized good stuff, I headed for the workshop.
You see, I found these incredible nails I bought last summer at a local antique store.
Wonder what I made in the workshop??

Nails for Hooks

Something to help in organization and, and, and neatness!
Okay, making things is more fun than organizing things…in my opinion.
In the workshop, I found a scrap piece of wood and a broken split piece of a spindle.
I went to work and aged the wood first. I made an extra cup of tea to drink.

Nailed Hooks [DIY] Image | Country Design Style |

Next, I printed my favorite saying…since I had a broken split piece of a spindle.

I used old fashion carbon paper to trace the lettering.  Keeping it simple…since I’m in the middle of organizing.

Nailed Hooks [DIY] Transfer | Country Design Style |

This is after the tracing.  Below I used my favorite marker to darken the lettering.

Nailed Hooks [DIY] After | Country Design Style |

Now for my incredible nails.  They are old railroad nails with two digit numbers.  The nails are thick.  If I really tried to nail them into the wood it would split.  I was still sweating from all the organizing and swinging a hammer would just add sweat!  Instead, I drilled holes and added a dollop of wood glue.

Nailed Hooks [DIY] SQ | Country Design Style |

For added detail, I glued the broken split piece of a spindle to the top.  My nails for hooks project is done.

Nailed Hooks [DIY] Pin | Country Design Style |

How do my nails for hooks project help in organization and neatness??

When I stop what I’m doing for these important DIY projects, I slip on scrubs to wear.  They’re perfect for DIY.  Plus they have several large pockets.  Many days the scrubs are worn for 30 minutes or less.   I now have a place to hang the paint and sawdusty scrubs.  Saves on laundry!

Now there’s nothing to do but get back to organizing…wait I see that piece of burlap…..

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    Like the simplicity and the many items of interest in this one organizing creation!

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