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Easy Boho Ribbon Wall Hanging

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Remember when you were a little girl, and mom put ribbons in your hair?
A tug here and a pull there and top it off with a ribbon.
I hated that. Not the tugging and pulling, but the ribbon!
I wasn’t a ribbon-wearing kind of little girl.

stack of ribbons

Nowadays, I’ll grab a ribbon for something around the house almost daily.
I’ve even tied up the bread bag with a ribbon.
Oh, you too?
Well, you’re going to love this easy project today. A boho ribbon wall hanging!

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Supplies for boho ribbon wall hanging

supplies for boho ribbon art
  • The supplies for the boho ribbon wall hanging are a collection of ribbon pieces. Tip; look for ribbons in the fabric section, as well as the craft supply aisle.
  • You can make this as large as you wish. Just grab a piece of wood the size you need. In our tiny apartment, a wood plague is a perfect size. A large square over the sofa would fill that “hard to decorate area” stunning! If the wood doesn’t fit your budget, use a large square piece of cardboard.
  • You will need a hot glue gun and, of course, glue sticks.
  • A rubber silicone spatula to hold the ribbon into the glue will save your fingers. Hot glue gun tips are handy to know before you plug in the glue gun.
  • A couple of pieces of twine, cotton string, or yarn adds the perfect final touch.

The easy steps to art

The steps are easy, but I do suggest laying out the ribbons first. Pick the layout that makes you smile. Then take a snapshot to remember the layout that gave you that smile.
Cut the ribbons to wrap around the wood plaque. I wrapped all the way around. But if you wish to save ribbon for other projects, cut to wrap around the back edge.
Hot glue in place.
Some ribbons may overlap, and others may not—work from one edge to the other.
After you placed all the ribbons, add a few pieces of twine. I tied mine on the backside.
The thin piece of twine gives a bit more texture to the piece.

Hanging the art

final wall hanging

I hung our boho ribbon art using heavy-duty, no damage to walls, double-stick tape.
If your piece is large, this type of hanging kit works great. I would love to see your art piece. Share yours on Instagram and tag me @countrydesignstyle.

final ribbon art showing the sides

Want to know something a little funny?
I didn’t realize until I was editing the final photos that I hung the boho ribbon art upside down.
But does it have a top side? I think not.
Ribbons that go in home decor make me happy, unlike those that go in hair.

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