Chalkboards inspired by a TV show

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Do you watch TV with an eye for the room details? Me too!  You would love to have chalkboards like those in the background. Well, I made them.

Old boards create chalkboards inspired by TV show

Now before I get too deep into the chalkboards, let me explain the show. It’s a bit out there. It’s called Schitt’$ Creek. Eugene Levy and his son Daniel created and star in the show. It’s a quirky sitcom that we watch on Netflix. a wealthy couple with two grown children loses their fortune. They end up only owning a small town named Schitt’s Creek.

In the third season, Daniel Levy’s character opens a store called Rose Apothecary.

I want that store!!!

It’s filled with wooden bins containing candles and kitchen gadgets, and linens. I can smell the lavender. In the windows, vintage ladders painted white and turned into shelves holding herbs. My eyes are searching the background of the store set. Then I spot them. These wood chalkboards…hanging there ready for me to buy them…

or make them.

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The boards for chalkboards

I knew there were leftover boards from the thrift store pump organ in the workshop.

Old boards one with hole

These will do.  And yes, one has a hole.  That’s okay!  I sanded the boards using the table sander I got on Amazon.   

Old boards chalkboard

Now I used painter tape and chalkboard spray paint to paint the bottom edge.

Old boards turned chalkboard inspired

Now, Daniel’s character wears black and white all the time, I thought the chalkboards had white too.

So, I painted a band of white. This I used chalk-based paint and a brush.

Chalkboards inspired sq

I drilled holes in the top corners and added twine.

Chalkboards inspired pn


Then I tried to get a screenshot of the chalkboard hanging in the background. I don’t think there’s a band of white…

but there should be.

I like them just as they are without chalk but…

Old boards chalkboardtext

I added a saying, just to show the boards are chalkboards.  Fun idea for holiday sayings too!

I would love to hear what you see in the background of a TV show that you’d like in your home. Tell me in comments below or tag me on Instagram.

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  1. Kari-Anne says:

    This will date, me.
    However, watching ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ weekdays after supper, I was captured by the ’M’ that hung in her new apartment (way before they were popular and in ever dollar store). My Mom bought me the ‘etc’ like Rhoda’s in her upstairs apartment -40 years for my wedding shower! I still have inside my Hoosier.

    1. Oh, I loved the Mary Tyler Moore show!!! I dreamed of living in a one-room apartment like Mary’s. My hometown has several garage apartments. and I still dream of living in one. Do you remember when she moved to the high rise apartment and hung the “M”? Although I didn’t like that apartment. 🙁

  2. Oh Jeannette,

    I immediately thought of the master bedroom of the movie Home Alone. I loved the swag over the bed and immediately (I mean… on the way home from the movie) bought the supplies to make it!

    Another time (30 years ago) it was mason jars on the table instead of the perfectly good and pretty glasses we already owned. I can’t remember the movie but it might have been Places in The Heart.


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