12 Unique Christmas Trees

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As a blogger and a blogger that hasn’t had an English class since high school, I struggle to find the right word.

The thesaurus is my friend.  

Thinking about the strange Christmas trees I’ve made over the years, “unique” isn’t strong enough.

Idiosyncratic fits!

But I don’t use that word in real life.

So unique it is.  Now hold on to your hat.

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12 Unique Christmas Trees

A few of the trees were part of a challenge.  Some I challenged myself.  Most I still have and still decorate with each year.  

Now, is your hat on good?  Let’s go!

Dining Room Trees


Dish Tree

We loved this tree!  The glow of the little lights behind the plates was perfect in the evenings.  I dismantled the tree but still have the dishes.  Plus I still use those little lights for other vignettes.


Dining Tree

I have a secret.  This tree has been in our pantry over the last year.  Yep, right there in plain sight.  A little Christmas tree made from thrift store utensils and a star mold.

Spindle Trees


Spindle Tree

The first of three spindle trees.  Have I told you how much I love spindles!!!  There was a bit of hesitation as I nailed it up right next to the front door.  But I did it, and the neighbors didn’t complain!!  Whew!


Mr. Brown’s Christmas Tree

My favorite part of DIY is reusing the broken pieces.  Junk and spindles created this little Christmas tree.  Many of these pieces could have ended up in our landfill.


Old Spindle Tree

I will recreate this spindle tree during a live DIY demo!!   Join me on November 15 at 1 pm EST on Hometalk’s Facebook page.  Secret:  There will be a sneak peek at this year’s spindle tree.  Shhh! 🙂

Junk Trees


Scrap Wood Tree

Complete junk and tiny scraps of wood created these trees.  Scraps so small I picked them out of the dustpan.  Several containers in my workshop hold scrap wood and trim pieces.  Then I poured white paint down the sides.


Burlap Roll Tree

This tree is not junk.  Trash made this tree!  I do remember pulling a cardboard roll or two from the trash!  Lol!


Plank Tree

The spindle tree above was a hit on Hometalk. So, I made another.  The base is an idea for you to make one if you don’t have a cardholder tree.  I’ll share the tips on the DIY live demo.


Shaggy Tree

My favorite tree of all!  <3  It’s never stashed in a closet.  Always on display and always makes me smile. 🙂

Dollar Store Tree


Dollar Store Frame Tree

This tree is part of a collection of Christmas gift ideas to make.  I used Christmas cards in the frames.

Artful or Idiosyncratic Trees 


Melted Crayon Tree

A few days of melting crayons, blowing crayon pieces across the room, and picking wax off the floor I got it!  A melted crayon tree!  This year, I made a melted crayon pumpkin.  This year, I made a melted crayon pumpkin.

I also did a live DIY demo on Hometalk’s Facebook page for the pumpkin!

This air dry tree was made during a Pinterest live video. The rolling pin I used it this one.


Mason Jar Tree

Grab some mason jars and make a Christmas tree!!!  Yep, mason jars.  This little tree tied for first place in a JunkMarket tree contest.  Woop, Woop!


I have ideas for other unique Christmas trees to share this year.


So, is your hat strapped on tight?

Tell me in the comments below or tag me on Instagram, which one is your favorite and why. 😀

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