How to Make a Rope Christmas Tree Shaggy Style!

How to make a rope tree shaggy | Country Design Style |

How to make a rope Christmas tree shaggy style….or another restless night.

I watched the movie A Very Murray Christmas with Bill Murray last night. I was waiting for the sandman to put me back to sleep.  If you’re ever seen the movie you’ll understand why my mind drifted to rope Christmas Trees!  It’s a weird Christmas movie.  So in honor of the weird Christmas movies I made my rope Christmas tree…weird!

and Shaggy!

This was much easier to make than what I envisioned in the middle of the night.

Click to see just how easy…

Rope Christmas Tree

Supplies for a Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

Supply List for the Rope Christmas Tree

Rope {I used 3/8 sisal rope}
Round piece of wood {I used a top from an old candle that’s 3 inches across}
12″ Wood skewer
Drill with bit the size of the skewer
Craft glue

Frayed Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

How to Steps

  1. Drill a hole in the center of the wood circle.  Add the skewer and a dollop of glue.
  2. Cut pieces of rope in the amounts and lengths listed.
    12 – 8″
    12 – 7″
    12 – 6″
    10 – 4″
    10 – 3″
    3 – 2″
  3. Fray both cut ends just a bit.  I started untwisting the ends but soon learned that to rub the end into the palm of my hand frayed the ends too.  I soon learned to rub the ends of the rope in your palm hurts after 20 pieces! 😕
Stacking Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

4.  Starting with the longest rope, skewer the center of the rope and slide down to the wood base.

Layers of Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

5.  Continue in a cross fashion adding rope.

Droppy Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

6.  My rope was on a roll so my pieces had a curved “smile.”  I wanted the tree to look droopy so I added the pieces with the rope in a frown position.

Shaggy Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

7.  Then you have about 1/2 inch of skewer left, stop!  This gives just enough room to add a glitter star or whatever you like to top your tree. 🙂   My glitter star is card stock cut in a star, covered in glue, and sprinkled with glitter.

Shaggy Droopy Rope Tree | Country Design Style |

Update below…

Shaggy Christmas Tree with Lights | Country Design Style |

Update:  I added teensy battery lights around the tree for wonderful glow in the evenings.

Let’s chat about Christmas movies that cause you dreams of shaggy rope Christmas trees!  Let me know in comments below what movies to miss. 😀

Little Bella and the forlorn shaggy tree

A reader on HomeTalk left a sweet comment about the tree stating the tree was like a forlorn little puppy.  So I had to add a photo of little shaggy Bella with the shaggy tree.  She’s not a forlorn puppy…just looks like one!

While you’re thinking about those less than great Christmas movies, check out these Christmas tree ideas too!

melted-crayon-christmas-tree |
12 Days of Christmas Oh no the dogs in the tree

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  1. Myrna Rivera says:

    Sorry I misspelled my email address, and it left before I could catch it.

    Hi Jeanette!
    Want to know if you ever made a bigger tree? I am new to your site, I find we have some things in common, I love to craft, and I too live here in Arizona. Thank you for the inspirations. Love your ideas.

  2. Myrna Rivera says:

    Hi Jeanette, loving the tree, am new on your site and I also live here in Arizona, and am wondering if you ever got around to making a bigger one. Thank you for the inspirations.

  3. Jacqueline Boley says:

    Is there a chance I can just buy one? Rope Christmas tree. My joints just aren’t “young” anymore. My aunt bought one from TJ Max. Please let me know, i realize I’m late in the season now, but it is so unique, if you don’t have any to sell any suggestions where I can find one. Thank you so much.

    1. Jacqueline, if you can give me some time I can create a “shippable” rope tree for you. The two I’ve made may not hold up during shipping. The only place I glued the rope was on the top and bottom. I’ve tried to find a simpler rope tree online, but haven’t found one close to mine. I keep both on display around our home all year long.

  4. How beautiful!! All I have to do is convince my husband to cut me a wood slice…I have everything else!

    1. Susan,

      Thank you for stopping by! Any piece of wood would work. I’m planning a larger one soon and may use just a square piece of wood. It was so fun to put together. Mike was watching me and kept saying it was turning out cool. I was sure until I was done.

  5. The only thing hard about the tree (or in my case, trees) is cutting the darn rope…maybe my rope isn’t quite the same? Or, my scissors/box knife aren’t’t sharp enough! I have gotten enough cut for two trees and will cut more tomorrow, but oh, the blisters! Lol. Wow…but, love the tree! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh, Peg! I much have sharp scissors. I had no problem cutting the rope and didn’t give it any thought. My rope is only 3/8 inch thick. Is your rope thicker? At first I was going to grab my tin snips from the workshop, but the scissors worked just fine. I want a make a larger one too! 🙂

  6. You mean I’m not the only one who pulls out the hot glue gun in the middle of the night! LOL
    How fun is your rope tree and looks so simple to make too. Pinned to my Holiday Decorating Board to share. Merry Christmas you crafting genius!

  7. Love it! I think it is AWESOME. Only one I’ve seen this year that I want to make. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Peg,

      Thank you! I’m always happy to inspire. Stop by again soon and have a wonderful holiday season.

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