Book Page Leaves

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I consider myself a neat hoarder.

If you stopped by our home, it would look neat.

There might be a tray on the kitchen counter.  It might be filled with twine, glues of various types, pieces of burlap and scrap wood.

The mantel may have a light layer of dust.  The sofa pillows are not fluffed to photograph.  If you open a cabinet or closet they are full of crates.

But all in all, neat.

Until you peek inside a crate, basket or box!!

Inside you just might find

garden shears
two thrift store frames
pieces of scrap wood
three mixed matched bowls, one chipped
torn pages from a magazine in a file
a piece of wire rolled in a coil
opened bag of glue sticks
an old comb
five paintbrushes
two vases, one, half filled with rocks
a piece of glass from a frame that doesn’t fit the two frames in the crate
and an old book

Book Page Leaves

My New Year’s resolution is to organize my hoarding items!! 😀

My old book disclaimer! I had reservations about using old books for crafts.  But now that I’ve found some creative ways to reused them, I feel we can love them all over again in their new life.

Here are other ideas for making book page projects.  Make a copy of several book pages.  You can print them on parchment type paper for an old look.  Use newspapers instead of tossing them.  Check at your favorite thrift store if they sell books that are damaged.  Thrift stores receive boxes and boxes of books.  Some do not sell books if the covers are missing.  Those end up in the landfill…unless you offer to buy them for your book page projects.

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This project started with making twine that would form.  I cut 24-inches of floral wire.  Then three 24-inches of twine.  Next, just like braiding my grandmother’s long hair, I made a long braid of twine.


Next, just like braiding my grandmother’s long hair, I made a long braid of twine.  Braiding the one piece of floral along with one piece of twine.

Okay, in the picture above I thought it would be a good idea to hot glue twine to the wire…

it wasn’t!!!

Now to download the leaves I made on the computer.  Click below to download a free printable of the leaves.


Now…start cutting! 🙂


I was able to cut a stack of six pages for each leaf.  The book I used was in bad condition.  I cut 12 leaves of each of the four shapes.


Next, I put back on the silicone finger tips…and started hot gluing the leaves on the wired twine.  Notice I’m using a rubber spatula as a press for the hot glue.  You can read more hot glue tips here.

Someday I plan on buying a heat resistant pad for hot glue.


I thought about tossing the leaves around the house like the ones outside.

But I grew up!


Instead, I draped them over a picture frame.


and make a book page leaves circle wreath!  Easy!

If you are into heavy metal here’s another project made with the leaf shapes.

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