Planked Wood Tree

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Using scrap wood pieces to make a stacked planked christmas tree with burlap bow. |

When art fails…make a tree!

This art didn’t actually fail as much as fall!

Several years ago I made an art canvas from 1 by 2 boards and a large piece of craft paper to hang in our staircase.  It was a “Jackson Pollock” type of art {slap the paint on the canvas} and made in an afternoon.  I spend all of the next afternoon hanging it!

It hung in the staircase for a couple of years and then on the day…

it came crashing down.

I tossed the art and collected the wood for my wood bin.

Planked Wood Tree

Over time the 1 by 2 wood was used up…


A reader wanted to make a spindle tree like the one I made here, but she didn’t have the base.

Supplies for Planked tree

So one of those sleepless nights I came up with an idea to make an easy base.  This is what I “dreamed” up.


2 by 4 about 12 inches long
Wire hanger
Wire cutters
Drill with a bit the size of the wire of the hanger
Miter Saw
Wood glue
Clamp or twine to tied pieces together
1 by 2 by 8′ board
Miter saw
Paint or tea and ironed vinegar


Cutting clothes hangers

Cut the straight bottom edge of the hanger using the wire clippers.

planked tree base

My 1 by 2 boards had already been aged with tea and vinegar.  Some pieces even still had craft paper glued on the sides.   You can paint the pieces now or after assembled or age them.

I started cutting the 1 by 2 board into 18″, 16″ 14″, 12″, 10″, 8″, 6″, 4″, and 2″ pieces.

Then I cut the 2 by 4 at a 45-degree angle with the highest angle at 3 1/2 inches.  Then I cut another the same size.  The next cut was a 90 degree 4 inches long.  Drill a hole in the top center of this piece to insert the hanger wire.  Glue or just use twine to hold the wood base together.  Paint or age.

Drill a hole in the center of each 1 by 2 piece.  I drilled into the 1-inch side.

Next stack the pieces starting with the longest first.  When stacked cut the extra wire to about 1 inch.  Tie burlap ribbon on the wire.


Planket wood tree finished

Then plop it on a mantel, shelf or table.  Notice the paper is sticking out between the wood planks like snow!

Using scrap wood pieces to make a stacked planked christmas tree with burlap bow. |

This shouldn’t come crashing down!

Using scrap wood pieces and spindles to make stacked christmas trees with burlap and metal bows. |

Another idea for this would be to add sticks or small branches from the yard…


or empty lot next door….hum!

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    1. I didn’t show it very well in the photos, but I used the coat hanger to stack the wood. I drilled a hole in the base to fit the wire from the coat hanger, then holes through each side of the wood. Then just stacked up the pieces. Sorta like those kids stacking toys! 😀

  1. Jeanette, that is cute too! You’re right – the possibilities for materials are many! Like the idea of tree branches. Good use for a busted project. Goes to show we shouldn’t throw stuff out! :o)

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