Spindle Tree


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Want a unique Christmas idea you can nail to your house?  The neighbors won’t mind a tree nailed on your front porch…right?

Spindle tree the first one

What can I say…

I’m weird!

Off my rocker, crazy in the head, abnormal, and love the unusual.

I also have to admit, I planned to do a spindle tree months ago.

How to make a Spindle Tree

Spindle Tree Building


In fact, I unearth every spindle I could find in my workshop and then bought more at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market.  Here’s the start of my pile of spindles.

At this point, Mike is getting nervous.  He’s seen first hand what I do with a pile of spindles.

Cable Box

Mantel {and here you can see Santa’s butt stuck in the mantel}

Industrial Cart Coffee Table {wood top cracked??? fill with a spindle!}

Laying out the spindles

Spindle Tree Building-2


The metal star from our Christmas tree we used for the past 8 years lost it’s job this year.  🙁  At least for the inside tree.  It can weather the cold outside.

The 1 by 4 will be the “trunk” of the spindle tree.

Spindle tree layout

Laying out the spindles by size.  Bella was a big help.  You should see her dragging the spindles across the patio.

She’s stronger then she looks!

Attaching the spindles

Spindle Tree Building-4

To assemble the tree, I decided the easiest way would be to screw from the back through the “trunk” into the spindles.  Each spindle would need two screws to keep from wobbling.

I used a clamp to hold each spindle as I worked down the tree.  The round spindles were unique to clamp, but tilting the clamp so it pushed the round spindle into the previous one help.

I sometimes wish I had 4 hands.

Nailing the tree to the front porch

Spindle Tree

Oh, another thing…

I’m brave.  I put the spindle right up on the front porch!

What will the neighbors say???

I kind of like my spindle tree.  The “trunk” is just sitting in the bucket.  To fill the bucket I added burlap because we all love burlap.

The tree is screwed into the house between two spindles.

shhhh!  Don’t tell Mike, I’ll patch the holes after Christmas.

Spindle Tree SQ

You can also see 10 things to do with a broken spindle here and Mr. Brown’s Christmas Tree here {also made from spindles and other junk!}



In fact, it makes me smile. 🙂

…or laugh out loud! 😀

Tell me in the comments below, would you want to be my neighbor???

Tips to find spindles

I find spindles at thrift stores, yard sales, curbside, and junk or restores.  I always check the pile of broken pieces for spindles.  Also, spindles are not only on chairs and table legs.  I have spindles from old lamps, candle holders, porch railings, banisters, beds, and cribs.  If the furniture is broken the spindles are usually free.  Some I’ve paid a couple of dollars for a bundle.  I have friends that keep an eye open for spindles too!

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  1. I just found you through Confessions of a Serial DIYer and think your blog and you are fabulous. Following! Love the crazy good spindle tree! Don’t think you are the only one. I made a tree out of old wire lampshades!!!

    1. Terry, I would love to see your wire lampshade tree!!! Do you love thinking outside of the box, even this computer box? Thanks for following. I’ll do my best to not let you down. Have a wonderful holiday. ~Jeanette

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