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Think about the holiday decorations you’ve made.  Is there one you would leave out all year?  I’m sharing scrap wood trees that you could spot any time of the year.  And most of the materials came from my dustpan!

Small scrap wood tree

The tall one is 12 inches and the shorter one 8.

Psst! I have to admit…I displayed these trees all year. Sometimes they were under a glass cloche, sitting on a bookcase, in the china hutch…

…on the back of the toilet {well not yet…but maybe} 😀

Here’s how I made them.

Can you tell by the photos I made them in the evening while watching TV?


I grabbed my bucket of “good” wood scrap and two Styrofoam trees.


Then glued felt to the Styrofoam.


Next figure out how to layout the wood scraps.  It’s best to start from the bottom and work up. 


Now for some glue. Thought I would use wood glue, after all…gluing wood. But the white craft glue worked best. It sets up faster. 


Now it’s time for some paint, and this is where it gets weird. As if gluing bits of wood to a Styrofoam tree isn’t weird enough!

I didn’t want an all over paint job. Instead, I wanted the paint to “snow” on the trees.

So…put the paint can away and I got out a bottle of craft paint and dripped the paint down the sides.

The top of the tree!

I had little clay stars, but I couldn’t find them anywhere!  We are in the process of painting the inside of our cabin, and the very day I planned to take these pictures…

Lost Stars…look at what I found sitting on the baseboard behind a nightstand. My stars!

I’ve looked for those stars for over a year.

Scrap wood trees on mantel

I dry brushed them with white paint.  Then hot glued them to the top.

Do you have a Christmas decoration you keep out all year?  Comment below or tag me on Instagram and let me know. 

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