Thrift Store Frame Roundup

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Errand days are not my favorite.  I’m a homebody and feel those days I don’t get anything done.  Today’s errand day.

It’s cold here so I grabbed a sweatshirt.  Living in a small community you run into people you know.  I like to chat briefly with anyone helpful.

Then I returned home.  Remember that sweatshirt I grabbed?  It had been hanging around in the closet since last winter.  Hanging and hanging!

I had the largest hanger bumps I’ve ever seen!

No one mentioned my hanger bumps.

Do you think they noticed??

Thrift Store Frame Roundup


I adore frames.  They can be expensive.  Thrift stores have a large collection of frames with great details and prices.   Wahoo!

So today I’m rounding up my favorite thrift store frame projects in no special order.

Rustic Layered Frames-11

The first two are similar.  This was with all wood frames and aged with tea and “ironed vinegar.”  I called this Rustic Layered Frames.  

Layered Frames-9

This was the first layered frame project I made.  Some are even…plastic!!  Easy to do with a hot glue gun.  Yep, hot glue.  They are still hanging.  Plus have been moved around to different walls.

Broken frames were added to this scrap wood mantel. Can you find them? There are 6! Country Design Style

This is one of my personal favorite projects.  My faux scrap wood mantel.  I used 6 thrift store frames in this mantel.  Can you find them all?  Hint, some were broken.

My favorite thrift store frame find....ever!!! I adore metal chippy flowers and these are perfect! Country Design Style

My favorite thrift store frame find….ever!!!  I adore metal chippy flowers and these are perfect!   This is one of my most popular pins too!


Those that live in glass house should not throw their DIY projects!  A frame terrarium.  Simple and easy to do.

Framed Pumpkins #pumpkin #fall #halloween

I got the idea for these framed pumpkins in the middle of a sleepless night.  I wanted an orange wool cable knit sweater for the orange.  Hand towels worked just fine.

This is a plastic frame I painted to look old and thrift store like.  I just can’t do a frame round up without including this one.  Maybe not necessary for the frame as much as the picture.  Read more about Townley Milk and how this picture is so special to me.  Do you know this milkman?

Do you like thrift store frames? Here's my roundup of thrift store frame DIY projects. Country Design Style

This is how I get out hanger bumps…no matter how large.  Warm up the iron, spray the offending bump with water, iron flat.


Why didn’t I look in the mirror before running out the door??

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  1. from the time I arrived the office at 8:00AM til 8PM (about to leave the offIce), I am still browsing your blog. Congratulations, you really nail it. Cheers!

    1. Wow! You have a long work day. Thank you so much for the compliment! I do enjoy getting creative and have long work days too! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Oh my gosh Jeanette, you sound so much like me…hanger bumps and all. I just got home from errand day too…hate it. Would much rather hang around here making stuff. Enjoyed your thrift store frame round-up – like them all but my favorite has to be the terrarium…and the metal pumpkins…and the…I like them all!

    1. Marie, so funny! I feel like I get a day off when I don’t have to go out. A day “off” to work! Weird!

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