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Mantel trim is the last part of three series on building a faux mantel.

It’s time to add trim and molding.  Trim and molding are personal.

You may want to consider the trim and molding in the room.  Does it need to match or not??

Will you be painting the mantel or staining or even “aging” the wood?

That’s my next mantel!

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If you plan on painting the mantel your trim and molding options are much larger.  Trim made with MDF {medium density fiberboard} is inexpensive.  Wood that’s joined together to make longer trims is much cheaper than trim made from one piece of wood.

The amount of trim is a personal decision too.  A rustic faux mantel would be awesome without any trim.  Left plain and simple.

Crown Molding

crown molding #mantel #trim #moldings

If you do want to add trim the first to add would be crown molding and base trim.   Crown molding “usually” has a 45-degree angle at the top and bottom.

crown molding in place #mantel #trim #moldings

Above shows the crown molding in place at the angle between the top and base of the mantel.  To cut this type of molding I like the technique of cutting it upside down.  Simple place the molding on the miter box or saw at the same angle shown above and cut 45 degrees.  If you’re trying this for the first time…

buy extra lengths on the trim!

This is one of those practice makes perfect kind of things! 🙂

A base molding as crown molding

base molding #mantel #trim #moldings

Base molding is a simple 45-degree cut.  You can use base molding as crown molding.

I suggest spending some time in your favorite home improvement store’s trim and molding section.  The selections are incredible and combinations are unlimited.

rolled dental molding #mantel #trim #moldings

You can see on my faux mantel for our master bedroom, I used rolled dental trim {I buy it online} and added beadboard to the top of the legs.

There are many stunning styles of flexible molding trims.  

Of course, I glued and nailed anything I could find to this mantel!

If you’re good with a router, add detail to the wood.

close up of mantel trim #mantel #trim #moldings

Painted mantels are also easier because a bit of wood filler works wonders! 🙂

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Comment and add a photo of any faux mantel you’ve made or love!

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