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Your precious grandson scribbled on half the pages of your hide under the blanket mystery.  Now, what do you do? You can’t find out who done it…he started from the back of the book.  After reading these book page projects you will be turning the pages into home decor.

Book Page Projects

My old book disclaimer; I do realize old books are wonderful, beautiful, and needed.  As bloggers, we would never destroy an old quality book.  We use books that are not in good condition.  Musty, moldy, tattered and torn.  So we find another way to love these books all over again.

Here are other ideas for making book page projects.  Make a copy of several book pages.  You can print them on parchment type paper for an old look.  Use newspapers instead of tossing them.  Check at your favorite thrift store.  Thrift stores receive boxes and boxes of books.  Some do not sell books if damaged.  Those end up in the landfill…unless you offer to buy them for your book page projects.

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Now on to the book page projects

Book page petal rose

This book page rose turned out so adorable it belongs in a special cloche. See the Pinterest video on how to create one.

Book page flower

This stunning huge flower was created by Amy at My Life From Home.   She shares an easy tutorial to make one too.

I’m glad Angie didn’t succeed with her first project because I love the idea of fabric book covers.  Learn how to at her website, My Life From Home

I first saw Kim’s cat book dish on Pinterest.  Love it!  Her easy steps to make your pet smarter here at Hunt and Host.

Lauren at Blesser House created this jaw-dropping botanical art with book pages.  See how easy here.

Erin shares a simple idea for book page candles at Elizabeth Joan Designs.   No worries about fires either.

Book Page Projects | Country Design Style |
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Funny side story

I almost called our DIY HelpLetter, Scribbles!  I’m always making notes and scribbling.

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