How to make a Garden Bench

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Garden Bench FP | Country Design Style |

Garden Bench made easy and junked up just right!

We enjoy making and building things for our home.  So this website is perfect, because my hope is to inspire you too.

This is my second bench I’ve made where we buried the legs for sturdiness.  I tried to find pictures of the first one, but it was way before blogging was invented. 🙁

Garden Bench

2 by 4 | Country Design Style |

Normally I start a DIY project with not enough wood!

This time was different. 😀

Stay tuned for more DIY projects with leftover 2 by 4’s.

Laying out top of garden bench | Country Design Style |

The area we wanted to place the bench is at a curve of rocks.  We live in the mountains so we have a forest rocky yard.  No soft green grass.  I decided to make the bench curved.  At first I planned to make a straight bench top and then jigsaw it into a gentle curve.  Too much work!  So scratching that plan, I made the bench with 30 degree angled sides.  I started with the top.  Cutting the 2 by4’s to the length and enough boards to make the depth I wanted.

Laying out Garden Bench with 30 degree angle | Country Design Style |

Next I cut the base, or underneath pieces.  Above is the back.

Base done for Garden Bench | Country Design Style |

Then I added brace pieces to connect the front and back.  The top is to be screwed on this with about inch over hang on the front and back.  The sides have a 3 inch over hang.

Garden Bench ready to aged | Country Design Style |

Then I turned the bench upside down and screwed on 8 legs.  The legs are 26 inches long.  Remember we plan on burying the legs.  I sprayed the ends of the legs with rubber sealing spray.  This with help the legs weather well.

Garden Bench Aged Instantly with Tea and Vinegar | Country Design Style |

Now for the fun part.  First I aged the wood using my favorite technique. It’s basically useing black tea bags and painting the wood.  Let dry.  Then paint with white vinegar that has been sitting for at least 24 hours with steel wool pads.   You can read more here.

Garden Bench in the Trees | Country Design Style |

Then I went DIY crazy added old organ parts around the base.  how-to-make-a-large-chalkboard | sq

You can see more “old organ parts” posts by click the photos above.

DIY Garden Bench | Country Design Style |

The bench sits great among the trees.

How to make a garden bench | Country Design Style |

I was in “inspiration” mode when nailing and gluing on the junk from the old organ and didn’t take photos.  But there are no rules when apply junk!  Just do it!

Our Garden Bench | Country Design Style |

Of course I had to add an old spilt spindle.  Click here to see the other half of the spindle.

Thank you so much for reading along.  I hope I’ve inspire you to grab some 2 by 4’s.

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  1. There’s an old tree in my backyard I’ve always wanted to build a wrap-around bench. I’m planning to pin your bench to see if I can follow your tutorial to create something for me to put on my tree.

  2. The insides were sprayed with that rubber stuff that keeps screen door bottom boats afloat! I thought that would keep these areas dry. I’ll let you know with the next rain. The two panels on each side of the window are the side of the organ. Yep! It’s in pieces. The doors are simply held closed with pieces of trim that turn to open and close.

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